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Not too much to say this week. My toe still hurts but not too much. At least it is healing. I did get a few pretty good stories sent to me. Thank you Wild Eyes and Frankie Face. I read a story at the Inspired Mic again on Thursday. It seemed to go over pretty good. I am almost ready to put out my second book this one will be called “EDIPS plus three”. It has four stories in it a “EDIPS” a zombie apocalypse set in NYC. The title comes the asshole politically correct cop hating Mayor of NY. When the plague first started the Mayor heard cops referring to the infected as zombies. He threatened to suspend any cop who called them that. He insisted they be called Emotionally Disturbed Infected Persons Hence EDIPs. That will be the long story at just over a hundred pages. In it I also explain how the zombies are able to physically exist moving and eating despite being dead. The another story is “Louie Carbone” it is about two retired NYPD cops who respond down to Flagle Beach, Florida to assist the daughter of a deceased cop when she is threatened by a mobster. That one is about thirty seven pages long.There are also two short fantasy stories that will be set between the larger ones. I am also over a hundred pages into the sequel to “A Year In Bushwick”. It will be titled “Back in Bushwick”. I decided to this one a bit different. It starts with a couple of retired cops sitting in a bar in Brooklyn. On a bet one of them dictates a whole year of stories. It will again start on New Year’s Eve. This time where to last one ended and will continue to the next New Year’s Eve. That’s all until next week.


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Brooklyn Bridge 1Just thought I would write a few words to say what I have been up to. First I had a minor cancer problem but that has been corrected. It was pretty stupid. I has a squamous cell cancer on my foot. I called it my Wide World of Sports Cancer. You remember the agony of de-feet.

I am trying something completely different now with my writing. I am writing two books at the same time. I never know which one I will be writing until I sit down at the computer each day. These books will be different from the first. They will follow a more normal beginning-middle-end route. I will also proof read these and have them edited to remove errors rather than to add some. Here is a little peek into each book.

The first one is a story of two guys born the same day in the same hospital in 1950. One is from Red Hook his father is a machinist. The other from Cobble Hill and his father is a loan shark with The Family. As they grow up their paths keep crossing and their lives become entwined. As the dock work comes to an end in the Hook one becomes a cop the other follows in his fathers footsteps.

The second is totally different. This one keeps changing. I wanted to see if I could write a zombie story. It started out as a quick short story. I thought it would be about fifty pages and a straight normal zombie story but it didn’t want to go that way. It has morphed into a story of people coping with life in that world. It has changed into something that has never been done before. It is set in New York and also has a sort of Mad Max feel to it. It sounds like there is no way those two genres can mix especially in the city but I have figured a way it works. When I see it in my mind it is spectacular of course when I put it on paper it may suck. Luckily I really don’t care. I may never publish either one but it is fun writing them. Anyway they at least keep me busy.

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83 pctPolice Officers Sean and Harry were members of the NYPD. They had stopped for coffee when the radio crackled. It was Central with a job, a DOA on Gates Avenue. Of course it was on the second floor no one ever dies on the first floor. Sean and Harry walked in and sure as hell, there he was dead as he could be. There were three other men in the apartment. They were playing cards and drinking all night long. They didn’t stop for a little thing like one of the group keeling over on the coffee table. They just pushed him to the side and resumed dealing and drinking. As they were running low on wine they thought they would have to do something about their friend and called the cops.

That got the cops  there. Sean radioed for the Patrol Sergeant, the Medical Examiner and the squad. The ME showed up and decided there would be an autopsy. The squad came and talked to drunken assholes one, two and three then left. The Sergeant told Sean and Harry they would have to wait for the morgue wagon since he had no footman available to assign it to. Sean called the ME’s Office and was told it was pretty quiet, they should be there in about a half hour. Great news since at times you could sit a whole day waiting for them to show up.

So now all they had to do was stand there and wait for the deadmobile.  They had to stand because you don’t want to bring home roaches that crawled onto your clothes. The clothes were uninhabited when they put them on. It was preferred that the same could be said when the clothes were taken off.

Drunk number one was babbling on. Sean was not really listening until he started getting pissed off.

“That mothers not coming to this house again. If he does I will kick his damn ass.”

Then Sean started paying attention because if he was going to be up there in the middle of a drunk fight he wanted to be ready for it. Sean pointed to the other two drunks.

“Which one’s ass are you looking to kick?”

“Not them, that mother.”

He pointed to the dead guy.

“I invite him over to play cards and drink some wine. The bastard dies right in the middle of my living room, lying on my table. That bastard better not come back here to drink my wine. If he does I’ll kick his damn ass.”

“You do what you have to do but if that asshole gets up and starts drinking wine you won’t see me here. If he goes all zombie here I’ll be gone in a cloud of sneaker smoke.”

When the job was done and they were back in their patrol car Sean turned to Harry and said, “I think this was the type of job I needed, stupid shit to laugh at. A call where we didn’t have to smack the hell out of anybody. I have a week of day tours left then I am gone for two weeks. I’m going to Seaside Park for needed R and R. I really need to unwind.”

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