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Again I haven’t written for a while. I have to stop procrastinating and I will, maybe tomorrow. Spring is here and I have a lot of work around the house. So I thought I would throw a few lines out today. These are just a few things that irritate me. I was going to say confuse me but if I did that I would be writing for a week.

First a little warning, if any Met or Yankee fan is considering getting DISH TV and wants MLB Extra Innings be advised they don’t carry the home feed for either team. In the past I have had Extra Innings with Direct TV and with cable both carried the NY teams home feed. I called DISH and was told that SNY was the most requested channel they have but they don’t carry it. I was also told I will still get all the Mets games the only difference is I will get the opposing teams feed. First I would rather get the Mets feed and two the Mets played the Phillies three games of them I got one game. The others were listed as not available.

Another irritating thing is I have been hearing a lot about the Opiod epidemic. They keep saying it is unprecedented. I remember as a cop in the eight-three in the seventies there were plenty of junkies around. They may have been using heroin instead of prescription meds but it is still an opiod. I remember seeing a lot of shooting galleries. There was one on Myrtle Avenue just off Wilson Avenue. On the second floor the glassine envelopes and aluminum foil packets were two or three inches deep. When you walked through the vacant apartments they covered your ankles.

I remember when my son was playing little league baseball they had a speaker come to give the teams a talk on the dangers of drugs. The kids, parents and coaches were all sitting in the grass listening to him. He gave a good class until he got on cigarettes. Now I am glad he spoke about avoiding cigarettes and the effect they have on your health but he said one thing that I thought was insane. He stated that cigarettes are worse for you and more addictive then heroin. He said it several time during his presentation. Afterwards I had to speak to him about it. I told him there is no comparison that heroin is the worst drug in the world. That heroin addicts have no family or friends that their life is totally devoted to getting their next fix. He answered that it is the same with cigarettes but that they are a harder habit to kick. I asked him if he had ever seen a heroin junkie trying to kick. He told me not personally but he had the books to prove his point. I told him that I have seen a lot of junkies needing a fix. That they scream and cry in pain, stomach cramps, uncontrollable shakes and that is only the beginning. I told him junkies go through that cigarette smokers who need a cigarette get cranky. I could not convince him he said his books said cigarette smoking is more addictive so it was. I really believe part of the opiod problem is that kids think heroin can’t be too bad if cigarettes are worse.

I also hear of the unprecedented number of homicide of Police Officers. Again I can remember in the seventies in New York it seemed any time we removed our black mourning bands we were putting them back on in a week or two. I have no idea how many Inspectors’ Funerals I have been to. I have to admit despite the fact that New York’s super liberal politicians hate cops guts they do throw them nice funerals. They love all the pomp and pageantry involved in dead cops plus they can use it to get a lot of TV face time. The same with the media they all hate live cops but love dead ones. It gets ratings.

Lastly anytime a cop is in the paper or on TV for anything they always bring up that he has prior complaints against him for brutality. The only way you can slide through without civilian complaints is to be an empty suit to do nothing at all. Any cop who goes out and is active, making arrests and doing the job is going to have civilian complaints lodged against him. I had several perps tell me not to take offense that they it was their lawyer’s idea. The Legal Aid lawyer told him that he could use it to get a better plea deal.

Anyway that’s enough complaining for one day. I will write again soon.


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83 pctHi all, I haven’t blogged for a while. I’ve been busy with a few things including a bit of a cancer on my right foot. I guess it’s a Wide World of Sports Cancer, The agony of De-Feet. It really doesn’t hurt but I like the line.

After reading about the incidents in NYC lately I was reminded of a couple of things from way back when in the Eight-three. The first one I would like to tell is how my partner Henry and I came very close to killing an unarmed man. No one would ever have believed our story. Here is what happened.

We got a call for a disorderly man in the first floor hallway. We arrived on the scene and entered the hall to see a man on the first floor arguing with a girl on the second floor at the top of the stairs.  Henry and I were walking toward the man when he heard us. He looked back and spun into a crouch and stuck his right hand inside his coat. It looked like he was going for a gun. Henry and I were within six feet of him, we used our sticks to drop him. He was down within seconds. We tossed him and found no weapons.

I made the arrest and asked him why he did that. He said that he was trying to impress his ex, the girl at the top of the stairs. He said if she thought he was crazy enough pull a gun on cops for her it would be cool. We told him he was almost not only cool but room temperature.

So we call the Sgt. and explain what happened. He didn’t believe us but the collar admitted the whole thing like he was proud of it. Then we go take him to the hospital. The doctors and nurses again don’t believe us until this mope again says it’s true.

At Central Booking the Sgt there doesn’t believe us so we have our idiot perp again explain it. At court it’s the same with the D.A. I explain that the arrested admits it. The D.A. tells me that I better hope he does. At arraignment the Judge doesn’t believe a word until the Deft admits it and says that his Legal Aid Lawyer told him not to mention it. After hearing that, the judge reamed him out and told him he should be glad two experienced Police Officers responded to his call or he could have ended up in the morgue.

Now the thing is experience had nothing to do with it. We were too close to go for our guns when he turned. If the hall had been longer and we were ten feet further away we would have both emptied our guns on him. No one would have believed us. All we would have had was a dead unarmed twenty years old. We would probably still be sitting in jail. It can happen to anyone.

The second story many of you who were in the Eight-tree in the seventies will remember. There was a robbery at one location; in a gun fight with the responding sector one perp came up a loser. The others jumped in a car and left him. They were caught and arrested a couple of miles away. All good, clean shooting, good collars. The press showed up it must have been a slow news day for them to come to a shooting in Bushwick.

While they are at the Station House three guys come in who claim to be witnesses to the whole thing. Their story was that the dead perp was shot in cold blood as he tried to surrender. They were very honest witnesses telling exactly what they saw. The only problem was they didn’t even know where it happened they had the wrong location. They had apparently heard about the incident on the street and came in with a story.

The cops who were there thought it was a joke as these guys told their story to a reporter. That reporter had checked both scenes and knew they were lying.

The next day the story in the paper read like the cops were trying to cover something up. It gave the story of what happened then said that three men who said they witnessed the incident disputed the Police account. Everything they said was reported but no mention that they couldn’t even say where it happened.

Later that day the reporter was back in the station house getting more on the story. Several cops questioned that reporter about lying on the story. The reporter justified what was written by saying at no point in the story did it say that was what happened, only that those three said that was what happened. One cop said but you saw the scenes you knew that the story they gave wasn’t the truth. The reporter responded, “My job is not to get the truth it’s to get the best story. They had the best story.”

Take everything you read with a grain of salt.

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