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I keep hoping that I will be able to go back to silly little stories soon but I had to do this one today. I am going to be presenting a severely abridged version of a story from the new book I am more than halfway done with tonight at the Inspired Mic. I will post it here in the next few days.

Today I am writing about the release of Oscar López Rivera. This piece of shit was a leader of the F.A.L.N. in the 70’s and early 80’s. The F.A.L.N. was a terrorist organization that planted bombs killing and maiming people throughout the United States although their primary targets were in New York and Chicago. They admitted to at least seventy bombings. They claimed to be fighting for the people of Puerto Rico to free the island of its colonial oppressors. There was a referendum in Puerto Rico and those wishing independence amounted to six percent of the population. The F.A.L.N. were not fighting for the people, they were fighting to form a Cuban style dictatorship.

Oscar López Rivera had been offered release from prison by Pres. Clinton but he had to renounce violence and terrorism. He refused and the offer was withdrawn. His sentence was commuted by Pres. Obama despite the fact that he still refused to renounce violence. So this terrorist murdering bomber has now been released to again make bombs that kill and maim American civilians.

Are the citizens of New York enraged by this in this age of terrorism? No, he will be honored at the Puerto Rican Day Parade as a “National Freedom Hero”. The Mayor of New York the stated that he will be at the parade honoring Rivera. This was no surprise as Bill DeBlasio has always also always been a big fan of Castro and the killings and maiming of a few cops is really not anything he would disapprove of. City Council speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito has said that she believes Rivera was wrongfully convicted despite the fact that River himself has never denied anything. He instead claimed he was an enemy combatant and his enemy was the United States.

I have some personal feelings about this release. On December 3, 1982 I was in Police Headquarters assigned to P.D.T.U. otherwise known as the wagon board. I had run down to the lunch wagon to grab a bite. I was stopped at the security desk on my way back when there was a loud blast behind me and I was slammed into the desk. I turned and it looked like a steam pipe had burst. It was a second or two before I realized it was glass pulverized by the explosion. I drew my gun and ran out the hole in the wall checking to make sure the bombers were not there. To get outside I had to step passed the severely injured Police Officer Rocco Pascarella. At the time I didn’t know if Officer Pascarella was alive or dead. There was no one there when I got outside. The bombers had not stayed to see the results of their cowardly act. I returned and stayed with Officer Pascarella until help arrived.

As a result of the bombing I had a large bruise on my right thigh and have tinnitus in my left ear. I am also unable to distinguish voices over the phone. These are minor inconveniences Officer Pascarella lost part of his leg. On that same night Detectives Pastorella and Tony Senft were severely injured in another blast. I went home that day with my coat covered in Officer Pascarella’s blood.

It isn’t right that not only has one of the prime terrorists responsible has been released. This year’s Puerto Rican is being held in his honor.  He also is being honored by the Mayor of New York and the City Council Speaker as a hero. There is no parade for those injured cops and the cop hating Mayor and City Council Speaker aren’t calling them heroes.                                                             

Marion Harmon, A Writer in Vegas.

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