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I received a call today from Frank (The Face) Cammarata. Frank told me that the Scumbag skell who murdered Det. Joe Taylor was to be released from prison on Thursday. This is why a death penalty is needed. The liberal politicians always say that there is no need for a death penalty that a cop killer will get life and never see the streets again. That is a lie. That is total bullshit. Joe Taylor was a good man. A far, far better man then the piece of shit that shotgunned him in a Bushwick hallway. I won’t mention the killer’s name, he doesn’t deserve to have his name on the same page as Joe. He should have had a bullet put in the back of his head years ago. I am happy to report Frank was wrong. The shithead has been denied parole. Now if only some fine upstanding prisoner would kill the bastard we could all rest easy.

Liberal NY politicians will always back the cop killers. Take the case of Judith Clark. She was involved in a robbery of a Brinks truck. That robbery left two cops Sgt. Edward O’Grady and Officer Waverly “Chipper” Brown and a Brinks guard Peter Paige dead. With the sentence she received she should have been eligible for parole when she was about a hundred. But Liberal Governor Andrew Cuomo jumped in to commute her sentence and make her immediately eligible for parole. After all it was only a couple of cops and a Brinks guard killed. It wasn’t like it was real people. How did he make this decision you ask. He went to the prison to speak to her. When he came out he said he got a “sense of her soul.” Another comment he made about her tells you all you need to know about how he really feels about her being involved in killing those men. According to an article in the NY Times, not the most conservative of sources, the conversation helped the Governor recognize some of the forces that helped propel the mayhem. Speaking of Judith Clark he said “You’re fighting for good vs. evil.” So Judith Clark I guess was fighting for good and the dead cops and Brinks guard were evil. The Parole Board did not agree with the Governor and she was not granted parole but now the families will have to deal with her coming up for parole every two years.

Cuomo isn’t the only low life politician in New York who sees killing cops as fighting for good vs. evil. Mayor DeBlasio honeymooned in Cuba. There have been many reports that while there he made a pilgrimage to see one his idols Joanne Chesimard. A convicted cop killer, she is believed to have been involved in up to ten cop killings. The wonderful Mayor never lets a chance to attack cops go by. He and the Governor like all liberals politicians love cops, dead ones. Dead cops are the only ones they ever back, the rest are just assumed to be guilty of something even if they can’t find anything.

Then there is the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal in Philadelphia. Anyone with half a brain looking at the evidence knows he is guilty as hell in the murder of Officer Daniel Faulkner. That of course does not stop the idiots in Hollywood from screaming that he is an innocent man. The prosecution had four witnesses who saw him shot Officer Faulkner. The gun used to shot Officer Faulkner was Abu-Jamal’s. Jamal was wearing an empty shoulder holster. His gun was beside him with five spent cartridges. In the shoot out Officer Faulkner had shot Jamal. I guess the cop hating left in Hollywood see all that as a coincidence. But what can you expect from a group that loves to have rappers that sing about killing cops playing cops on TV.

So once again my blog which I would rather be just me telling stories about years ago becomes a place to complain about the bullshit.


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Again I haven’t written for a while. I have to stop procrastinating and I will, maybe tomorrow. Spring is here and I have a lot of work around the house. So I thought I would throw a few lines out today. These are just a few things that irritate me. I was going to say confuse me but if I did that I would be writing for a week.

First a little warning, if any Met or Yankee fan is considering getting DISH TV and wants MLB Extra Innings be advised they don’t carry the home feed for either team. In the past I have had Extra Innings with Direct TV and with cable both carried the NY teams home feed. I called DISH and was told that SNY was the most requested channel they have but they don’t carry it. I was also told I will still get all the Mets games the only difference is I will get the opposing teams feed. First I would rather get the Mets feed and two the Mets played the Phillies three games of them I got one game. The others were listed as not available.

Another irritating thing is I have been hearing a lot about the Opiod epidemic. They keep saying it is unprecedented. I remember as a cop in the eight-three in the seventies there were plenty of junkies around. They may have been using heroin instead of prescription meds but it is still an opiod. I remember seeing a lot of shooting galleries. There was one on Myrtle Avenue just off Wilson Avenue. On the second floor the glassine envelopes and aluminum foil packets were two or three inches deep. When you walked through the vacant apartments they covered your ankles.

I remember when my son was playing little league baseball they had a speaker come to give the teams a talk on the dangers of drugs. The kids, parents and coaches were all sitting in the grass listening to him. He gave a good class until he got on cigarettes. Now I am glad he spoke about avoiding cigarettes and the effect they have on your health but he said one thing that I thought was insane. He stated that cigarettes are worse for you and more addictive then heroin. He said it several time during his presentation. Afterwards I had to speak to him about it. I told him there is no comparison that heroin is the worst drug in the world. That heroin addicts have no family or friends that their life is totally devoted to getting their next fix. He answered that it is the same with cigarettes but that they are a harder habit to kick. I asked him if he had ever seen a heroin junkie trying to kick. He told me not personally but he had the books to prove his point. I told him that I have seen a lot of junkies needing a fix. That they scream and cry in pain, stomach cramps, uncontrollable shakes and that is only the beginning. I told him junkies go through that cigarette smokers who need a cigarette get cranky. I could not convince him he said his books said cigarette smoking is more addictive so it was. I really believe part of the opiod problem is that kids think heroin can’t be too bad if cigarettes are worse.

I also hear of the unprecedented number of homicide of Police Officers. Again I can remember in the seventies in New York it seemed any time we removed our black mourning bands we were putting them back on in a week or two. I have no idea how many Inspectors’ Funerals I have been to. I have to admit despite the fact that New York’s super liberal politicians hate cops guts they do throw them nice funerals. They love all the pomp and pageantry involved in dead cops plus they can use it to get a lot of TV face time. The same with the media they all hate live cops but love dead ones. It gets ratings.

Lastly anytime a cop is in the paper or on TV for anything they always bring up that he has prior complaints against him for brutality. The only way you can slide through without civilian complaints is to be an empty suit to do nothing at all. Any cop who goes out and is active, making arrests and doing the job is going to have civilian complaints lodged against him. I had several perps tell me not to take offense that they it was their lawyer’s idea. The Legal Aid lawyer told him that he could use it to get a better plea deal.

Anyway that’s enough complaining for one day. I will write again soon.

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Not too much to say this week. My toe still hurts but not too much. At least it is healing. I did get a few pretty good stories sent to me. Thank you Wild Eyes and Frankie Face. I read a story at the Inspired Mic again on Thursday. It seemed to go over pretty good. I am almost ready to put out my second book this one will be called “EDIPS plus three”. It has four stories in it a “EDIPS” a zombie apocalypse set in NYC. The title comes the asshole politically correct cop hating Mayor of NY. When the plague first started the Mayor heard cops referring to the infected as zombies. He threatened to suspend any cop who called them that. He insisted they be called Emotionally Disturbed Infected Persons Hence EDIPs. That will be the long story at just over a hundred pages. In it I also explain how the zombies are able to physically exist moving and eating despite being dead. The another story is “Louie Carbone” it is about two retired NYPD cops who respond down to Flagle Beach, Florida to assist the daughter of a deceased cop when she is threatened by a mobster. That one is about thirty seven pages long.There are also two short fantasy stories that will be set between the larger ones. I am also over a hundred pages into the sequel to “A Year In Bushwick”. It will be titled “Back in Bushwick”. I decided to this one a bit different. It starts with a couple of retired cops sitting in a bar in Brooklyn. On a bet one of them dictates a whole year of stories. It will again start on New Year’s Eve. This time where to last one ended and will continue to the next New Year’s Eve. That’s all until next week.

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I’m back again. I spoke to a doctor about that broken toe. He said there is nothing to do but wait for it to heal. He said it will hurt for about six weeks. When it stops hurting it will heal. Today I am putting in a story from the sequel to “A Year in Bushwick.” It will be titled “Back in Bushwick” when it is done I have a little over a hundred pages done so far. I am shooting for about 230 to 250.


                                                                                                          THE EGG TIMER




Rick and Dom worked under their own rules. They earned the nickname the Steamrollers and had been to CCRB (Civilian Complaint Review Board) so many times most of us thought they had their own desks there. Here is a little thing they used to pull sometimes. They responded to a 10-52 Family Dispute on Central Avenue. Pulling up to the scene they saw a female in the street waving them down and screaming. She explained to them that she was sent home from work because of the snow storm and as she was walking into the building she saw her female neighbor come out of her apartment half-dressed fixing her clothes. When the complainant asked what she was doing in there the neighbor ran upstairs to her own apartment and locked the door. So the complainant went into her apartment and found her live in non-working boyfriend in bed naked.

She started yelling at him, “What the fuck was she doing in here with you naked.”

He answered, “What the hell are you doing home so early? You should have been at least another hour.”

That was probably not the best thing to say. At least the complainant didn’t seem to think so. She started throwing things at him. When he jumped out of bed and came after her she decided it might be better to call the cops and wait outside in the snow. Since it was either that or have him beat the shit out of her.

Dom asked, “What do you want done?”

“Just tell him to leave and don’t come back. He can move in with that skank upstairs if she will take him but he can’t come back here.”

“Is his name on the lease?”

“No, I lived here for a year before he moved in. He doesn’t work, hasn’t worked since I’ve known him.”

Rick told her, “Okay, then this shouldn’t be a problem. Give us a few minutes to talk to him. I’m sure he will see reason.”

“You don’t know him. He says he lives here to and if I want him out I have to evict him or pay him five hundred dollars to move.”

“Oh, a street lawyer my favorite. Let us go and discuss it with him. We will explain his options and maybe he will decide to do the right thing.”

When they entered the apartment the male now dressed said, “What did that cunt tell you?”

Dom said, “Look we don’t need that type of language. We are here to talk to you like a gentleman. Okay now she pays the rent so why don’t you leave with some class.”

“You can tell the bitch I am not moving unless she makes it worth my while.”

“Come on now she has done right by you. You lived here, she treated you well. She fed you all this time without you contributing a dime. Why don’t you just say it was good while it lasted and leave? She did right by you, now you can do right by her.”

“Fuck you and fuck her. Tell her pay me or go to court and evict me.”

Rick shook his head and said, “Well we tried to talk to you but I guess you just won’t listen” as he pulled an egg timer out of the inside pocket of his leather jacket. Then he and Dom started putting on their leather gloves.

The man looked at the egg timer and said, “What the hell is that?”

Dom picked up the egg timer and said, “What, you never saw one before? It’s an old fashioned egg timer and it works like this. See this little dial here. If I turn it all the way around it starts ticking. After three minutes a little bell rings. When it does Rick and I will beat the shit out of anyone in this apartment who is not wearing a uniform or have his name on the lease. I wonder who that could be.”

With that he turned the dial and the timer started ticking. Rick and Dom looked at the man and smiled. The man had more guts than most. He waited almost thirty seconds before he broke for the door. Rick picked up the timer and they followed him out. He was outside arguing with his ex-girlfriend when they came out.

Rick walked over to him, “Shut up. She does not want you in that apartment. Find someplace else to live.”

Just then the bell on the timer sounded. Dom said, “It looks like your three minutes are up. Next time we get called here about you we won’t need to waste the three minutes. Do you understand me?”

The man nodded and started to walk away through the snow, it would total another ten inches. It was a snowy winter.

Rick grabbed him by the shirt and lifted him up onto his toes, “I didn’t hear you.”

The man gulped, “Yes.”

Rick, “Yes what?”

“Yes Officer.”

“Good now get the hell out of here.”

The girl said, “He’ll come back as soon as you leave.”

Dom turned to the complainant, “I don’t think so but if he does come back and starts just tell him three minutes and call 911. He will know what that means.”

That was one of the tamest stories with those two. Part of how they always won in CCRB was when they did something like that they would make it so ridiculous that no one would ever believe it and never do it the same way twice. Even those investigators in CCRB who believed they did it knew they could never convince a jury. If it’s crazy enough you will always be okay. It usually works. It was not a system I wanted to try for myself. I always found going to CCRB a pain in the ass. They had investigators that were as useful as tits on a bull. Often they would find fault where there was none and nothing when they should have.



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I know I didn’t post last week but it was not my fault. I was on a cruise in the Caribbean and unable to post. All in all it was an interesting week. It started a few days before the cruise. I tripped over my dog’s bed and broke my toe. I knew it was broken immediately. In fact when it happened I told my wife, “Jeepers, I do believe I may have possibly broken my toe.” or words to that effect. Maybe I used language that was a little bit more colorful and louder. Okay a lot more colorful and louder. The expletives flew. Within an hour it turned a beautiful purple and black and was swollen to three time normal size. The next day it was down to twice normal size and so far it has stayed that way. It was a bad case of toemain. Now that is a bad pun.

Now as for the cruise, it was seven days on The Oasis of the Seas. The ship is a floating small city. There are housing projects in Red Hook Brooklyn where I grew up. Among them is what we used to call the new projects. They were a group of several connected buildings. They were sixteen stories tall and stretched over a city block. They Oasis of the Seas dwarfed them. It is almost four football fields long and three times the width. If you ever go on it be prepared to walk. Everything is far away on board. I had my Fitbit on and although I was not looking to keep my steps up due to the facts every step hurt like a mother the second day just doing the normal things that you do on a cruise ship I ended up with over sixteen thousand steps for the day. People were being medivaced left and right. I did find out that the cost for the helicopter ride from Haiti to Ft. Lauderdale is around $30,000. I think if I got shot on board I would have to remove the bullet with a knife and fork from the buffet before I would pay that much.

The ship is beautiful and offers a lot of things to do but I don’t think it is for me. The ship was just too big. People say that you don’t realize that there are so many people on board. All I can say is that I knew it at all times. Because of the number of people you needed reservations for everything. It was too regimented for me. Some loved it but I like to play it by ear on a cruise. If I want to do something I do it and if I want to do nothing than that is what I do. I guess it is to each his or her own. I will write again next week.

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mickey-finn-coneThis is my Sheltie Mickey Finn. Poor Mickey had eye surgery on Thursday. It went well but Mickey has been sentenced to the cone of shame for ten days. He does not like it at all.

That is why I have not had time to write too much on the blog. I am barely keeping up with writing on the book. Here is part two of Louie Carbone. After this one it starts picking up.



As Sean and Hank crossed the Verrazano Bridge leaving Brooklyn “Summer in the City” was playing on the satellite radio.

Sean turned to Hank, “You know it is probably going to be real hot there. I don’t mean the temperature.”

Hank answered, “It’s going to get a lot hotter when we get there for the asshole making the threats.”

“Hank the only person that Jimmy ever killed was Crazy Louie Carbone. Louie was only a low level associate of Johnny Boy Ferranti. He always acted like he was a made man but he was really only an idiot gofer. Jimmy stopped him with a rack full of stolen coats in the garment district. Instead of just taking the collar and doing a few months the asshole pulled a gun. Jimmy dropped him with two in the chest. So this could somehow be tied to the mob.”

Hank shook his head, “I really can’t see the mob getting involved in this they almost never go after family, especially not a young girl.”

Sean nodded, “I know it doesn’t make any sense that they would go after Jimmy’s kid over Carbone. They all knew he was an asshole and deserved what he got.”

“I know I guess we will find out what’s going on when we get there.”

They drove straight through stopping only for gas. When they reached Jacksonville Sean called Carol. She suggested they meet at the college.

Sean told her, “No that is out of the question. St. Augustine is too crowded.”

Carol said, “Okay then how about my house?”

“No, I want a place where if someone is following you we can see him. Is there a restaurant or something with a good open view of the street where we could meet?”

“There’s Finn’s it’s on the corner of A1A and 100 in Flagler Beach. From the upper deck you can see both streets and the beach clear and the food is pretty good.”

“That sounds perfect. I’ll meet you there for lunch say 11:30.”

Carol answered, “Okay but if we’re sitting on the upper deck they can see us from the street too. Shouldn’t we go someplace where we can’t be seen?”

“Don’t worry about anyone seeing us. Of course if you see one of them let me know. See you tomorrow.”

“OK, if you say so Uncle Sean. Thanks for coming all the way down here, Bye.”

“Anytime Sweetie, Bye.”

After hanging up Sean asked Hank, “Do you know any sleazy hotels or motels around here?”

“Not right here but there are a load of them along Rte 1 in Daytona.”

“Then I guess we should head there. We need a place that won’t ask questions and will mind their own business.”

They drove south on Rte 1 looking for a cheap motel that they could use.

“Hank pointed to one on their left. How about that one it looks pretty shitty?”

It had five or six drug addicted skanky hookers milling about in the parking lot.

Sean shook his head, “No, that is not the one for me. It looks like you won’t get crabs there you’ll get lobsters. Besides with that many hookers outside the police are probably called there every fifteen minutes.”

On the next block Hank had another, “How about here?”

“No, The Board of Health won’t be shutting that place. The C.D.C. will do it. Even the roaches in there are puking. Hank I want a skuzzy motel not a Petri dish for new and exciting diseases?”

Two blocks later Hank had a spotted another one, “How about this one. Is it okay for your delicate little ass princess.”

“It looks like it might do. There are not too many piles of puke in the parking lot and as an added attraction it appears they cleaned up the blood from the last shooting. Let me go in and check. If we can get two rooms all the way in the back I’ll take it.”

Sean went in and was out ten minutes later, “I got both rooms. Let’s check I think they should do. Your room is booked in the name of Edgar A. Poe, mine is Herbert G. Wells.”

As he entered the first room Hank said, “I hope the other one is better. This place would make a roach puke.”

The second room appeared to be slightly better as they could see plenty of roaches and none of them were puking.

Hank replied, “Good let’s drop our stuff off and go get something to eat, I’m starving here.”

From the van they carried their luggage and an old wooden chair in the motel room. Then Sean drove back to Flagler Beach so they could look around the area before tomorrow.

Standing across the street from Finn’s Pub Sean said, “She picked a good spot. We should be able to see if anyone is watching us.”

Hank answered, “Do you want to eat here tonight. She said the food was good.”

“No, I don’t think we should be seen together in there. Who knows what will happen tomorrow.”

“Yeah, you are probably right. A friend of mine who came down here a few of years ago told me he went to a place called the Golden Lion. He said the fish and chips were excellent.”

“That sounds good to me. I saw the sign for the place a few blocks north.”

“I hope it has a bar.”

“It does.”

“Thank you Jesus.”

After eating they made their plans for the next day over a couple or three beers.

Finally Sean said, “I guess that’s it. Let’s go back to the motel chip the crusty stuff off those sheets and get some sleep. We may need it tomorrow.”



The next day Sean and Hank were at Flagler Beach at nine am. They wanted to check the area again in daylight this time. Hank dropped Sean off in front of the Golden Lion and continued on. He parked across the street from Finns. Each would walk A1A and 100 for several blocks in each direction separately.

After finishing his route or as Hank thought of if checking his post he looked for a place to wait. Hank found a bench just a little ways south of 100. He was prepared. He had a large coffee a bag with two cokes and a bagel he got on the way. It wasn’t a New York Bagel but beggars can’t be choosers. He had found a little bookstore on 100. When he saw it he thought he should get a book. An old guy reading a book on a bench by the beach, perfect he will blend right in. He sat down looked around once more and opened his book.

An hour later he got a call. It was Sean, “Hank I see Carol coming. Where are you?”

“I’m at one of the benches beachside just south of you. I stopped and picked up a book to blend in.”

“Is the book any good?”

“Yeah, it’s called Water Hazard about some guy named Ike. He would have fit right in with the crowd in the old 83.”

“Okay just don’t forget to listen for me.”

“No problem I never missed a radio call.”

“I know I’ll let you know if she saw anyone one following her.”

“If she thinks she was followed try to get a description”

“Will do, gotta go here she comes”

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I didn’t blog last week but it wasn’t my fault. I switched from Direct TV to Dish. That also necessitated a switch of my internet service provider. The only way I could have blogged was with my phone. Now I have seen some of these kids who appear to be typing eighty words a minute with their thumbs but that is not me. I don’t think I could do eighty words an hour on my phone. So I am back now.


I have noticed in the New York papers that people being shot or stabbed only blocks from Wyckoff Heights Medical Center are being taken by bus miles away for treatment. I asked on one of the 83 web sites and was told there are two reasons. The first is that Wyckoff is not a full fledged trauma center. The other reason is that the city would prefer they go to a city hospital. I remember when I was working most victims of shootings or stabbings if serious went by RMP to Wyckoff. We believed seconds counted. It appears that the city no longer believes that. There was also a camaraderie that developed between the cops and the ER personnel. We knew all the nurses, doctors and other personnel. We would if available try to be around the hospital when shifts changed to make sure the nurses got to their cars safely and if we were injured and taken to Wyckoff we were given extra care. If we needed supplies gloves, bandages, band aids etc for our cars we could stop in and get it.  While there are many good things that have come up lately this does not seem to be one. It is a shame that some things have to change.

I am considering taking a short story I wrote and adding it to the blog in serial form. It runs about thirty five pages so I guess I would do it in about five installments. The story concerns two retired 83 cops, a young damsel in distress, the mob, a mob wanna be, and two retired 83 cops. The same two cops from “A Year In Bushwick” but many years later. Here is the first installment. If anyone is interested and would like to see more let me know



By Kevin G Cox


Sean rolled over in bed and looked at the clock as he reached for the phone. Damn three o’clock, three a.m. phone calls suck. They are never good news.


“Uncle Sean, I don’t know what to do. I’m really scared. I think he is going to kill me.”

“Carol, Take a deep breath, calm down. Now start from the beginning and tell me what is going on.”

“Ok but I am really, really scared. I was at a club in a few days ago. A cute guy I never saw before came up to me and we started talking. He asked if I was from Brooklyn. I said yeah. He smiled at me and asked if my father was Jimmy Morrisey. I said yeah, did you know my father. Then he stopped smiling he leaned in close to me and whispered that Louie Carbone was a friend of his family and I was going to pay for what my father did to him. Uncle Sean I think that was the name of the guy my father shot. He was in the Mafia Uncle Sean. I’m so scared. I don’t know what to do.”

“Did you tell the Police?”

“Yeah, they said that I may have misunderstood what he said. They didn’t consider it an overt threat. Unless he does more they can’t help me.”

“Okay have you seen this guy since that night?”

“I saw him and the three friends he was at the party with a few times near the school. At first I thought maybe I did have it wrong. I mean he could have just been playing a rotten joke on me. I live with a few girls from school. We rent a place in Flagler Beach so we can learn to surf and get away from school when we want to. Today every time I turned around I saw one of his friends. I think he was following me all day. What should I do Uncle Sean?”

“Were his three friends from Brooklyn too?”

“No, one of the girls at the party was complaining that they were there. She said they were local low lives and weren’t invited.”

“Okay that’s good. Stay calm I’m on my way. I’ll drive down and get to the bottom of this. “

“Good see you tomorrow. Bye Sweetie I’ll take care of everything don’t worry. Just stay home until you hear from me.”

“Okay, thank you Uncle Sean.”

As soon as he hung up Sean started planning and packing. At six he called Hank. Hank had been his partner when they were cops in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Hank answered on the third ring, “Aren’t you dead yet.”

Sean replied, “Not yet but I was hoping you were. I was going to come over and get that H&K 9mm you have.”

“The H&K, you would probably shoot yourself in the dick with it. It is a man’s gun. What’s up?”

“Do you remember my cousin Jimmy Morrisey?”

“Isn’t he the guy who killed Crazy Louie Carbone? I heard he died. Didn’t he have lung problems from 9/11?”

“Yeah, that’s him.”

“I only met him a few times. Great guy, shame he had to go that way.”

“I got a call from his daughter Carol this morning. She’s been calling me Uncle Sean since she was a baby. Anyway she called because she is having a problem down in Florida. I am driving down to give her a hand. I was wondering if you can lend me your cargo van too.”

“What kind of problem do you need a 9mm and a cargo van for?”

Sean explained the phone call and what he planned on doing.

Hank yelled into the phone, “Are you out of your damn mind. I’m not lending you my van or my gun. You can’t do that, at least not alone.  You can’t but we can do it, so I’m coming with you.”

“Are you sure? Carbone was with Ferrante’s crew. I can’t see the mob being involved in this, but if they are it could get messy.”

“I don’t mind messy, never did. I hope you’re bringing a gun.”

“Two, my S&W 40 and the little .380.”

“You never come prepared. I’ll have my Chief, the H&K and just in case I’ll toss my Remington 870 in the back of the van.”

“Do you really think we will need a shotgun?”

“As the little old Jewish lady who lives across the street from me always says, “You never know, it couldn’t hoit.” When do you want to leave?”

“Whenever you’re ready.”

“I’ll pick you up in twenty minutes. Have coffee ready. It’s a long ride from Brooklyn to Florida.”

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