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Bio: I was born in Red Hook Brooklyn. I was a cop in the 83 precinct NYPD. I was an Enforcement Officer for Cumberland County Domestic Relations in Carlisle PA. I am now retired and writing a book.

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Posted November 1, 2012 by kevingcox

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  1. Hi Iam looking over your site and its pretty good I know I spoke about matter before but I am sorry I have to say it again. I looked at your 10 things to remember thats in your book I think you siad the Chang killing. wow who the f…..k is he or them Maybe its just me I was in the 83 for 1 month and had a great partner to retrain me, being I was laid off form 2 years, I learned a lot about the job ,the people of B and i ushwick he was Black and had no race barrier he taught me the same. To me he was my Partner I had 4 or 5 partners in my career but when I talk to People Det. Joe Taylor was my partner of corse until August 29, 1977 @ 1408 when we got a gun run That was the last job! It will be 35 years this year and I am upset that Joe was forgotten so quickly in all your blogs and emails with 83 cops I dont think I ever heard his name mentioned I myself live with him everyday and unfortunately I was kept out of any of the 83s ceremonies re: Joes anniversaries I never got a Shirt with his picture etc. The only time I was notified was at his I think 25th. or 30 anniver. and then I finally meet Joe family, they told me they wanted to talk to me,. I cant believe noone would call me and let me know. This isnt about me but at the ceremony Chief Espo didnt even know who I was and I wasnt introduced to him and when he spoke he didn’t tell people I was there. I walked into the 83 Pct. that day with my Medal Of Honor Lapel Pin,with my wife, I felt so proud to be there to talk to Joes family but after I felt so bad I was thinking thats the reason I never heard from anyone, except Sgt Willy Sexton, I figured they all blame me thinking maybe I didnt do enough, maybe Joe try to protect me? I dont know But let me tell u guys when u read the report of the shooting just think IT WAS 10 TIMES WORST and I KNow Det. Joseph Taylor is proud of the way I tried to save him. Thanks Roy E. DeSetto, Kevin I hope this makes it on your blog please do its not an insult to anyone its my feeling of the last 35 years your friend Roy

  2. Kevin,

    I recently finished reading you book “A Year in Bushwick”. I was a “Cop” in the 83th Pct. from about 1972 until I decide to move on in 1977. Prior I was in the 81 Pct before they changed the borders between the 2.

    I enjoyed the book, and even though you changed the names, I could tell who some of the characters were. My big question that I have been unable to answer is who the Detective in uniform is on the cover. I can’t for the life of me remember his name.

    I rode in Sector “Queen” – Myrtle to Grove, Broadway to Evergreen. I was on the scene during John & Al’s and a couple of nights later at the Bar at Halsey & Broadway. I rode with Cody Gee before I left and Bill Seeger and Gary Cardi before that. The last time I spoke with Cody Gee was when he called me and told me about Joe Taylor.

    Even though I lost track of the guys from the “83”, ther is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about the old days.

    After I left the job in 1977, my Brother in Law, Vincent G. Danz was a cop and gave his life on 9/11. He was with Truck 3 ESS.

    I ran into your book by accident looking for reading material for my Kindel.

    Good luck with your next venture.

    Ed Brady

    Formal shield # 19100

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