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Here is one of the stories in my new book. It is almost done now. I am halfway through December. The year will be over soon. I am still trying to think of a good Christmas story so if anyone had one they would like to share I am listening. The names I use are not the real names. That is of course if the stories are true which I will never say. The nicknames I use are just because I like the names. They don’t mean that they are in anyway related to what the story is about,


This story involves Ron Byrd and Denny Fry. That would be KooKoo and the Bubbler to those who read my first book. A couple of days after the incident at The Big G KooKoo and The Bubbler responded to a 10-10 Recorded Alarm down on Varet Street on a four to twelve tour.

Arriving on the scene Denny started checking doors and windows on the first floor looking for an open door or glass break.

KooKoo used the flood light in the car to scan the upper floors for broken windows. As his light swept by the windows all was secure. Then he thought he saw movement and raised the beam to the roof. He looked up and saw a man standing at the edge of the roof looking down at him.

KooKoo jumped out of the car and yelled, “Denny he is on the roof. We got him.”

Denny ran to an alley between the five story building the burglar was on and the building next to it. He hoped to find the open door there away from the street lights.

KooKoo yelled over, “We are going to find this asshole. He won’t get away today. I saw him first, he’s mine.”

As Denny started down the alley he noticed movement above him. He looked up and saw the burglar jumping from the roof to the building next door. Denny heard a scream as the felon failed to clear the alley. He watched the man all the way down. The burglar landed about five feet in front of Denny. Apparently seeing the two cops and knowing there was only one way in or out of the building he knew he had to do something or he was going to jail. So he tried to jump the alley.

KooKoo yelled over, “Was that him? Can you see him?”

Denny Answered, “I see him. He’s here Ray.”

“Did you catch him? Is he running? Remember he is mine.”

Denny yelled back, “I didn’t catch him. But he ain’t running. He is all yours Ray.”

KooKoo came running around the building and saw his Burglary collar in a bloody heap, “What the hell happened?”

Denny said, “He tried to jump from building to building.” He held his thumb and forefinger about an inch apart and in his best Maxwell Smart voice said, “He missed it by that much.”

“Did you check? Is he dead?”

Denny said, “I didn’t have to check. He landed head first sounded like someone dropped a watermelon off the roof. That splot by the dumpster is half his brain. We better get another car to search the building.”

KooKoo said, “Yeah and I’ll call for the Sergeant, the squad, and a bus. Do you want to go to the morgue tomorrow?”

“Sure why not. I haven’t been there in a month. Tomorrow is our last one I could use the longer swing.”

KooKoo went back to the car and advised Central what was needed.

Five minutes later Sergeant Capp arrived on the scene. KooKoo was waiting on the street while Denny stayed with the body. They didn’t expect any people but they really didn’t want to explain how they failed to notice the rats were eating the perp so Denny was the rat chaser.

KooKoo explained to Sergeant Capp what happened.

Capp said, “Are you sure he is dead?”

“Yeah, Sarge he is dead.”

“Okay where is he?

“Over here in the alley.”

Sgt. Capp walked into the alley took one look at what a few minutes before had been a Burglary collar and whistled, “Well, you were right, that son of a bitch ain’t never getting any deader than he is right now. When the Squad and the ME get here don’t forget to show them where the rest of his brain is. Who is going to ID?”

Denny said, “I am Sarge.”

“Did you see him come down?”

“Yeah, Sarge.”

“What happened?”

“Sarge, it is about fifteen feet from roof to roof. I guess he judged the distance and figured he could make fifteen feet easy. As it turned out fourteen was easy, fifteen not so much. He landed about five feet in front of me.”

“How are you feeling with it?”

“Well Sarge, I gave him a nine point five. I would have gone higher but he really failed to stick the landing.”

“Okay, you sick bastard. I’ll move you to tomorrow’s eight to four. You remember how to get to the morgue?”

“Yeah I can find it.”

“Did you find the break?”

Denny said, “Yeah it’s this door but we haven’t been able to go in to search. He hit right as I was going for the door. I called for backup Sector Eddie is coming to search the building.”

“Good, after you see the ME stop at the house.”

“Okay Sarge.”

Sector Eddie searched there was no one else in the building. The owner was called to secure his business. The squad and the ME both said apparently accidental and the morgue wagon took the not quite athletic enough burglar away.

As Hank and I entered the Station House the next day we ran into Denny on his way out.

 “Hey Denny, How did the morgue go?”

Denny answered, “Those assholes are sick. I go in there to ID the burglar and they have him completely split open. One of the aides or whatever the hell they are is eating with one hand as he works on the body. Stuff is dripping down his glove and falling into the chest cavity. I tell him watch it, it’s dripping in the body. He says that’s okay that he is going to close him up now anyway. He says it’s sort of the D.O.A.’s last meal and starts giggling like an idiot. And they call me a sick bastard. I don’t think I’ll ever eat another Sloppy Joe.”



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