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mickey-finn-coneThis is my Sheltie Mickey Finn. Poor Mickey had eye surgery on Thursday. It went well but Mickey has been sentenced to the cone of shame for ten days. He does not like it at all.

That is why I have not had time to write too much on the blog. I am barely keeping up with writing on the book. Here is part two of Louie Carbone. After this one it starts picking up.



As Sean and Hank crossed the Verrazano Bridge leaving Brooklyn “Summer in the City” was playing on the satellite radio.

Sean turned to Hank, “You know it is probably going to be real hot there. I don’t mean the temperature.”

Hank answered, “It’s going to get a lot hotter when we get there for the asshole making the threats.”

“Hank the only person that Jimmy ever killed was Crazy Louie Carbone. Louie was only a low level associate of Johnny Boy Ferranti. He always acted like he was a made man but he was really only an idiot gofer. Jimmy stopped him with a rack full of stolen coats in the garment district. Instead of just taking the collar and doing a few months the asshole pulled a gun. Jimmy dropped him with two in the chest. So this could somehow be tied to the mob.”

Hank shook his head, “I really can’t see the mob getting involved in this they almost never go after family, especially not a young girl.”

Sean nodded, “I know it doesn’t make any sense that they would go after Jimmy’s kid over Carbone. They all knew he was an asshole and deserved what he got.”

“I know I guess we will find out what’s going on when we get there.”

They drove straight through stopping only for gas. When they reached Jacksonville Sean called Carol. She suggested they meet at the college.

Sean told her, “No that is out of the question. St. Augustine is too crowded.”

Carol said, “Okay then how about my house?”

“No, I want a place where if someone is following you we can see him. Is there a restaurant or something with a good open view of the street where we could meet?”

“There’s Finn’s it’s on the corner of A1A and 100 in Flagler Beach. From the upper deck you can see both streets and the beach clear and the food is pretty good.”

“That sounds perfect. I’ll meet you there for lunch say 11:30.”

Carol answered, “Okay but if we’re sitting on the upper deck they can see us from the street too. Shouldn’t we go someplace where we can’t be seen?”

“Don’t worry about anyone seeing us. Of course if you see one of them let me know. See you tomorrow.”

“OK, if you say so Uncle Sean. Thanks for coming all the way down here, Bye.”

“Anytime Sweetie, Bye.”

After hanging up Sean asked Hank, “Do you know any sleazy hotels or motels around here?”

“Not right here but there are a load of them along Rte 1 in Daytona.”

“Then I guess we should head there. We need a place that won’t ask questions and will mind their own business.”

They drove south on Rte 1 looking for a cheap motel that they could use.

“Hank pointed to one on their left. How about that one it looks pretty shitty?”

It had five or six drug addicted skanky hookers milling about in the parking lot.

Sean shook his head, “No, that is not the one for me. It looks like you won’t get crabs there you’ll get lobsters. Besides with that many hookers outside the police are probably called there every fifteen minutes.”

On the next block Hank had another, “How about here?”

“No, The Board of Health won’t be shutting that place. The C.D.C. will do it. Even the roaches in there are puking. Hank I want a skuzzy motel not a Petri dish for new and exciting diseases?”

Two blocks later Hank had a spotted another one, “How about this one. Is it okay for your delicate little ass princess.”

“It looks like it might do. There are not too many piles of puke in the parking lot and as an added attraction it appears they cleaned up the blood from the last shooting. Let me go in and check. If we can get two rooms all the way in the back I’ll take it.”

Sean went in and was out ten minutes later, “I got both rooms. Let’s check I think they should do. Your room is booked in the name of Edgar A. Poe, mine is Herbert G. Wells.”

As he entered the first room Hank said, “I hope the other one is better. This place would make a roach puke.”

The second room appeared to be slightly better as they could see plenty of roaches and none of them were puking.

Hank replied, “Good let’s drop our stuff off and go get something to eat, I’m starving here.”

From the van they carried their luggage and an old wooden chair in the motel room. Then Sean drove back to Flagler Beach so they could look around the area before tomorrow.

Standing across the street from Finn’s Pub Sean said, “She picked a good spot. We should be able to see if anyone is watching us.”

Hank answered, “Do you want to eat here tonight. She said the food was good.”

“No, I don’t think we should be seen together in there. Who knows what will happen tomorrow.”

“Yeah, you are probably right. A friend of mine who came down here a few of years ago told me he went to a place called the Golden Lion. He said the fish and chips were excellent.”

“That sounds good to me. I saw the sign for the place a few blocks north.”

“I hope it has a bar.”

“It does.”

“Thank you Jesus.”

After eating they made their plans for the next day over a couple or three beers.

Finally Sean said, “I guess that’s it. Let’s go back to the motel chip the crusty stuff off those sheets and get some sleep. We may need it tomorrow.”



The next day Sean and Hank were at Flagler Beach at nine am. They wanted to check the area again in daylight this time. Hank dropped Sean off in front of the Golden Lion and continued on. He parked across the street from Finns. Each would walk A1A and 100 for several blocks in each direction separately.

After finishing his route or as Hank thought of if checking his post he looked for a place to wait. Hank found a bench just a little ways south of 100. He was prepared. He had a large coffee a bag with two cokes and a bagel he got on the way. It wasn’t a New York Bagel but beggars can’t be choosers. He had found a little bookstore on 100. When he saw it he thought he should get a book. An old guy reading a book on a bench by the beach, perfect he will blend right in. He sat down looked around once more and opened his book.

An hour later he got a call. It was Sean, “Hank I see Carol coming. Where are you?”

“I’m at one of the benches beachside just south of you. I stopped and picked up a book to blend in.”

“Is the book any good?”

“Yeah, it’s called Water Hazard about some guy named Ike. He would have fit right in with the crowd in the old 83.”

“Okay just don’t forget to listen for me.”

“No problem I never missed a radio call.”

“I know I’ll let you know if she saw anyone one following her.”

“If she thinks she was followed try to get a description”

“Will do, gotta go here she comes”


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