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The Garbage Man   2 comments

Patrol I bet you thought I forgot to get this weeks blog in. No I didn’t. I have just been pretty busy this week. I have been writing a lot hopefully most of it will make it into my new book. The is of course completely fictional. Don’t ever let anyone tell you different.  So I have a little story I am going to share this week it’s called “The Garbage Man.” Like I said it is a total fiction and anyone who says it is not is a liar.


 Sean was working with Bob this four by twelve. Bob and Sean had been partners for years but when Sean was transferred to the Arson Task force the partnership ended. Bob had since partnered with John and Sean with Hank but it was good when they occasionally got thrown together. They knew each other so well that they didn’t have to discuss how they would handle it when sent on a dangerous job. Each knew the others every move.

They had a nine o’clock meal. This was spent in the luxurious precinct lounge. The lounge was equipped with twenty year old third hand couches and a TV that the cops had chipped in for.

After meal the two returned to patrol for the last two hours of the tour. Tour is NYPD for shift. It was eleven when they got a call for a ten-fifty two family dispute on Putnam Ave. the second floor left apartment. It was an apartment they each had been to several times before.

They arrived and knocked on the apartment door, “Police open up.”

A young girl’s voice answered from inside, “Who is it?”

Sean replied, “It is the PO – lice now open the door.”

The door was opened by the girl. She was about nineteen she had been beaten. Her face was swollen and black and blue. The cops asked who hit her and if she wanted to go to the hospital.  She claimed that her live in boyfriend didn’t hit her that she had been hurt when she fell outside. Sean and Bob tried to get her to admit the truth of what happened and press charges but she refused. She did not want anything done, just wanted him out of the house. They told him since he was not on the lease he would have to leave.

It was frustrating for them but it that time if she would not press charges there was nothing that could legally be done despite obvious signs of injury. Mister asshole also knew this and was showing his ass the whole time we were there. He was wise mouthing and making threats. He was being the big bad man in front of the girl trying to make her even more afraid of him.

He turned to her, “Next time you call the cops on me I will kick their asses and then your ass for calling them. That’s if they even have the balls to show up once they know it is me.”

Bob told him, “Look, stop with the mouth just throw some clothes on and take a walk.”

He kept it up while he was getting his stuff together to go. He kept muttering about the bitch and cops and what he would like to do to the piece of shit cops next time. The two cops walked out the front of the building with the skell after listening to him rant for about fifteen minutes while getting dressed. On the sidewalk he turned to Bob.

“Next time you show up when I’m teaching that bitch a lesson you will learn what happens when you mess with a real man.”

Bob answered, “A man doesn’t beat up women. A man shows respect.”

He answered, “That’s not a man that is a little pussy like you.”

Bob asked Sean, ” Sean, Is this a man?”

Sean shook his head, “No Bob, this is not a man”.

“Then what is it Sean?”


“Are you calling me garbage mother fucker?”

“Yep and we wouldn’t want to litter would we Bob?”

“No we wouldn’t Sean. Where does garbage belong?”

“In the garbage can.”

The two cops jammed him into a garbage can in front of the building with his knees folded up to his head. Then they put the lid on and left. The shift ended and they went home at midnight.

The next day as they were getting ready to head home Davey White the Sergeant’s driver from the midnight tour came over and asked, “What happened last night?”

“Nothing much, Why?”

“About two o’clock I was driving the Sergeant down Putnam Avenue and we heard someone calling for help. We searched for who was calling and as I went past one building I heard it come from a garbage can. I took the lid off and there was a guy ass up in the can. I didn’t expect that. All I could see was his ass and one foot.”

He said, “Help me out of here.”

I asked him, “How the hell did you get in there.”

He said, “Some asshole cops stuck me in here, I can’t get out.”

“I knew it had to be you two.”

Bob and Sean started laughing and told Davey the whole story of the dispute.

“What did you do with that skell, Davey?”

“I put the lid back on the can, told the Sergeant that it was just kids goofing around and drove away. I made sure not to go back to Putnam for the rest of the night. I don’t know if he is still there.”

“Don’t worry about it. Bob and I checked. He isn’t there anymore. Either he got out or the garbage men took him to the dump.”

He laughed, “Good, because I was going to stay off Putnam if you hadn’t told me that. Do you have any others stuffed around or any dead bodies I should avoid?”

“Not tonight but check back tomorrow. You never know.”

That’s my blog for this week. See you next week.




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A short story   Leave a comment

I almost didn’t get this post in. I planned on writing it yesterday but when I sat down I decided to do a bit on my sequel first. It started to flow and I got six pages in. Six pages is a lot for me. If I could do that every day I would have the book done in a couple of months. Anyway the reason I didn’t have a lot of time today is I had to have a Cardiac Stress test. No reason for it the doctor just figured it had been five years since my last one. I wanted to take it easy for the day but didn’t want to miss a weekly post on the first week, so I decided that I would put a short story I wrote a long time ago. I am proud of this story, not because it is a very good story. I am proud of it because it was an exercise with a group of writers. We all had to write down a few characters and a plot. These were put in a hat and each person would draw a character from one hat and a plot from another. The character I drew was named Toad, who lived in a hole and ate bugs. The plot was an alien invasion of Earth. I am proud because I was able to make anything of that. It may not be a very good story but it is a coherent story and that was enough for me. It is completely different than what I usually write. That story follows.



BY Kevin G. Cox


Toad lived in a very comfortable hole in the ground. It was on the grounds of the aquarium, in front of the director’s home. He had a conch shell roof and mother of pearl walls. His furniture was extremely comfortable. He had designed it all himself. He was a handy little pixie. Toad was a pixie prince. In fact, he was the “Prince of Shells” Protector of all shellfish and heir to the pixie throne. His mother would never tell why she had named him Toad. She was always a bit of a hippie and Toad often wondered if his father may have been an amphibian.

Toad was napping in his sand crab form after a lunch of sautéed beetles and worms. Sautéed beetles were his favorite lunch. He awoke to loud knocking at his door.

“Hold on I’m coming.”

“It is I Shelldon the sand crab my Prince.”

Toad hurried to the door. From Shelldon’s tone he felt something must be terribly wrong. Shelldon was Toad’s best friend and would usually only speak so formally at court. Shelldon rushed in as the door opened.

“My Prince it’s terrible, what are we going to do? It’s the worst thing ever.”

“Shelldon calm down, tell me what’s wrong.”

“Didn’t you hear? It’s all over the news.”

“What’s all over the news?”

“The Earth is being invaded by creatures from space.”

“If this is a joke it isn’t funny. You woke me from a nice dream.”

“It is not a joke My Prince. The worst part is what they want from us.”

“What do they want?”

“They eat only lobster and they want all the world’s lobsters. If we don’t hand the lobsters over they will destroy the earth and everything on it.”

Toad reeled back. This was the worst news possible. Toad knew at once he could not allow these creatures to take all the lobsters. Not only was he the protector of all shellfish, even his girlfriend was a lobster. Libbie lived in the aquarium. She was a yellow lobster. She preferred to be called golden. Toad always had a soft spot for blondes. Libbie and Toad had been together for almost a year ever since she arrived from Florida.

“The humans are meeting; they don’t have the strength to fight the Scorpions. They may allow them to take the lobsters.”


“That’s what they are calling them. They are from a star in the constellation Scorpio. “

“Oh, what about the supreme council?”

“They are meeting now.”

“I shall speak before the council. Shelldon guard my home. “

“With my life Prince Toad.”

Toad changed into his Pixie form flew into the air and vanished in a puff of smoke.”

He reappeared just in front of the golden doors of the Supreme Council’s chambers. The ogre guards bowed and opened the doors for him.

As he entered he could hear Ironheart Stonebody, King of the Dwarves say, “Then it is agreed that we have no choice. As terrible as it is we have to acquiesce to their demands.”

Toad shouted, “NEVER”, as he strode to the center of the room.

He turned to look at each of the Kings and Queens sitting in their Thrones along the chamber walls. There was King Stonebody at the head of the room, it being the Dwarves turn to preside over the council. He saw his mother, Queen Peri Papillon of the Pixies, King Oberon Thistledown of the Woodland Elves, King Nac Mac Faelan of the Leprechauns, Queen Luna Sapphire of the fairies, Queen Laurel Aideen of the Witches and King Aisling Magnus of the Wizards. Torca king of the Trolls and Almondeye King of the Ogres was also present; they were non-voting members since their only magic was brute strength.

Toad bowed to the assembled royals and said, “I can’t believe this great assembly would bow to the demands of creatures from beyond this star and surrender a whole species to them. Are we not the protectors of the Earth and all the creatures upon it, above it and beneath it? Do we so easily renounce our sworn vows and abandon them to their fate. If another should come and demand the pixies, the elves or any of you should we just turn our backs and give over your lives. I say NEVER. I shall always resist. We have to keep our sworn vows if we are to mean anything in this or any world.”

King Stonebody stood, “Toad we understand and agree, but we have no way of defeating them. Little of our magic is violent. We would not stand a chance and in trying to save the lobsters we could lose the whole world. It is a painful decision, yet what else can we do?”

Toad stood tall, “I have a plan it may not work, but at least hear me out and consider it.”

The members of the Supreme Council crowded close as Toad presented his plan.”

The next day when Toad returned home he was greeted by Shelldon, “The invaders have left My Prince isn’t it wonderful? The lobsters are safe. How did you do it?”

“I explained to the Supreme Council that if all magical creatures worked together we had great power. It may not be violent power that can win a war, however it is powerful nonetheless.”

Shelldon said, “If the power wasn’t enough to win, how did we win.”

“All magic users on earth cast the same spell at the same time. It made for one incredibly powerful force. We couldn’t do them harm. but we could change what they could eat.”

“How could you trade one creature’s life for another? I am only a small sand crab yet that seems wrong. What animal are they eating now?”

“Dandelions, you know the way dandelions grow. You can’t get rid of them if you try. We gave them ten million dandelions. We got them from one block in the suburbs.”

Shelldon shook his head, “And that’s all you gave them”

Toad laughed, “Just that and a dandelion cook book. The scorpions will never starve again; the lobsters and the world are safe. It all worked out. I have to go I have a date with Libbie.”


As I said not a great story but a story and it filled up a blog post.

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I’m Back   1 comment

image18-copy-2It has been a long time since I have written a new blog post. I am going to try to get at least one post a week. In the time since my last post I have written a zombie apocalypse book, a story with the same two cops from “A Year in Bushwick” after they retired and a couple of short stories. Some were published in anthologies others I haven’t decided if I will publish or not. I may throw some of these out as blog posts.

I have been asked by many people when a sequel to “A Year in Bushwick” will be out and have tried repeatedly to get it started. I have gotten as many as fifty pages done and then threw the whole thing out. I did this four or five times. I just couldn’t was not happy at all with the way it was going. Sometimes I wanted to do it in third person and have it cleaned up and beautiful for a mass market publication. Other times I felt like it should follow the last book in the same style. But I had already done that and I like to do things differently. I think I have finally hit on what I want to do.

The last book I wanted to have the feel of someone just retired after many years of writing reports. I cared more that it felt real than read pretty. For this next one my idea is that it should have the feel of two people talking in a bar and one telling the stories of the precinct. This way sometimes the narrator is telling his own story and it will be in first person. Other times he will be telling stories either he was at or was told about afterwards. These can be told third person. But at all times the most important thing is that it reads true.

Most Police books deal with the Detectives but most Police work is done by the Uniform force. Even when a book deals with those in uniform they spend most of the book investigating crimes. As anyone who worked an “A” house (A high crime) in the NYPD of the seventies knows there was no time for that. Sometimes it was hard to find the time to take a piss never mind spending days investigating a burglary.

Our job on patrol was much like a MASH unit as far as crime went. We were to triage the cases we picked up. If the case was DOA on arrival we would just close it out with no further investigation. If the was still a chance we would try collect the information to keep the going and refer it onwards. In between those criminal cases we would also of course patrol the streets, make arrests, issue summons, handle vehicle accidents, any other aided cases, pull people from burning buildings, referee family disputes, riots, drunks, and anything else that may happen. That left little time for investigations. Hell we rarely even knew how the jobs we handled turned out.

Until next time, Kevin

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