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bull_mine 1It was in the summer of 1965 and the cousins were preparing for their annual camping trip to Bull Mine near Monroe, NY. They had been going for five years. In the beginning it was by bus but now they were traveling in style with two carloads.

The number one car had left at noon but the second car had to wait for Johnny to get off work. Johnny was the oldest of the cousins but still crazy. Mike and Russ were guests of the cousins mostly because Mike had a car. They sat in the front with Buddy, Herman and Sean sitting in back. Johnny was working for Cunard Lines and got off at five but said he would be a little late because he had to change.

He had told Buddy to tell everyone watch as he left the building. He said the group would see how respected he was in the area. They were plotting to harass the hell out of him about that.

Russ was the first to spot Johnny and waved to him to let him know where the car was parked. They watched as Johnny walked along the street. People were turning to see him go by. The women were staring at him. They were acting like a movie star was walking down the street but it was only Johnny from Red Hook.

Mike said, “What the hell is going on? Look at everyone staring as he goes by.”

Nobody in the car could understand it until Johnny got closer. When he got close enough they could see the head of his penis sticking out of his shorts. There was about two inches of it showing below his shorts and they reached his knees. Johnny had a big shit eating grin on as he hopped into the car.

He said, “Let’s get out of here before these women rape me. I feel like a piece of meat.”

After about three blocks Johnny started laughing. He pulled his shorts up and removed the rubber penis he had taped to his leg.

“I got the idea this morning so I went up to Forty-Second Street on my lunch hour and bought this. You should have seen the looks I was getting from the women as they noticed it. I thought one was going to grab at it I almost had to run away from her.  It was the funniest thing I ever saw.”

The six of them laughed about it the ride upstate. Russ a huge bear of a man wanted to try it but was afraid.

“With my luck I’ll get arrested and be on the front page of The Daily News as a pervert. Will we be going through Monroe?”

Mike said, “Yeah, I’m going to stop there to get a couple of cases of beer.”

“Damn.”, Russ said, “My Uncle Dan lives in Monroe. I should have brought his address. We could have stopped by.”

“It’s too late now.” Johnny said, “Maybe next year.”

By the time they reached Monroe a shopping list had been created. Mike, Russ and Johnny as the only ones old enough to legally buy alcohol went to the store.  They came back with the essentials five cases of Rheingold beer, six bottles of wine, bottles of Scotch, Vodka, Gin and Rum. They loaded the take onto the laps of those in back.

Mike started to pull out when Russ screamed, “Stop, Holy Shit there’s my Uncle Dan.”

He jumped out of the car, ran to an older man just going into the store and lifted him right off his feet in a big bear hug.

Russ was yelling, “Uncle Dan, Uncle Dan, How the hell are you?”

Then he stopped still holding his little Uncle Dan about two feet off the ground and said, “You’re not my Uncle Dan.”

He dropped the old guy and ran for the car, hopping in he yelled,”Get the hell out of here before he calls the cops.”

Mike peeled out with screeching tires. The car was halfway up the mountain and parked before they stopped looking behind for the cops. Each of them now had to hike the rest of the way with about fifty pounds of food, drink and equipment, mostly drink if the truth be told.

Sean said, “Well it’s been an interesting ride up here. I guess it will settle down to a quiet week now.” Sean was very wrong.



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  1. KEVIN: So where’s the rest of the story? Will

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