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Idiot Arrest   1 comment

Kevin001Central called with a 10-52 dispute. It was in a hallway on Woodbine St. Sean acknowledged and they headed over.

As they stepped into the building there was a male on the first floor. He was yelling up at his girlfriend, or should I say ex-girlfriend who was at the top of the stairs yelling back at him.

The cops were about ten feet from him when he saw them. He spun around crouching and reached under his coat.

Hank yelled “Gun.”

They were too close to go for guns. Dean and Hank rushed him with sticks swinging. He was down and bleeding in about three seconds. Hank pinned him down as Sean frisked him. He had nothing.

“What the hell were you reaching for?”

“Nothing, I only wanted to look like I had a gun to impress my girlfriend.”

Hank said, “You stupid bastard. You’re lucky you aren’t dead right now.” He was cuffed and dragged out to the car. The Patrol Sergeant was called.

When Sgt. Capp got there he asked what they had. Sean explained the situation to the Sgt. and told him he was arresting the asshole for Menacing. Capp reached in the window and slapped the perp across his head.

“Asshole, you should be charged with Felonious Stupidity. Get him treated at Knickerbocker. Put yourself out to Central Booking when you leave the hospital.”

On the way to the hospital Hank and Sean were talking about the collar. They realized that it was lucky they were so close. If the perp had been ten feet further away he would have been shot. When no gun was found there probably would have been an indictment. No one would have believed them.  They would have had asshole hypocrites like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton all over their asses calling for their racist heads. The press and the city would not have backed them up. They could have ended up in jail because this shithead wanted to impress his ex. Sean and Hank were as lucky as the perp was.

The Dr. checked him in the ER. He gave the staff the same story he gave us.

The Doc told him, “You’re lucky I’m not pulling bullets out of you.”

All he had were contusions, abrasions and some minor cuts so it was on to Central Booking. On the way downtown Allen, the perp asked if he was really going to be arrested.

Sean told him, “Not going to be arrested. You are arrested.”

“But I didn’t really have a gun. You can’t arrest me without a gun.”

“I can and I did.”

Now Allen started to cry. He kept crying louder and louder.

Finally Hank turned to Allen, “As my father always said, stop crying or I’ll stop this car and give you something to cry about.”

He stopped his loud wailing and just sniffled in the back.

When they arrived at Central Booking the Sgt. didn’t believe their story until the perp admitted to it. More and more it showed how lucky they were. They came within ten feet of being in cuffs on the news. Sean wanted to take Allen out and kick his ass again. The paperwork done Sean and Hank returned to the Precinct. Sean would have court in the morning.

The next morning Sean went to draw up my Criminal Complaint. Neither the ADA nor the typist believed the story. The A.D.A wanted to know what the prisoner’s story would be.

“So far he has told everyone the truth. I don’t know what Legal Aid will tell him to say but I think he will stick with it.”

The A.D.A said “We will see.”

He was rushed through the system to try to get the case before a judge. The A.D.A. was hoping to get the case done before Allen could change his mind. Allen’s case was called before lunch which was about ten hours earlier than expected.

The case called, the charges were read. The Defendant pled guilty. A plea bargain had been reached he would get an A.C.D.  An A.C.D. means Adjourned in Contemplation of Dismissal. If  he doesn’t get arrested again in six months the case will be dismissed. It counts as a conviction for the D.A. but the arrest can be expunged leaving the Defendant’s record clean. His Legal Aid Attorney then explained to the judge that Allen was just trying to impress his girlfriend who had dumped him. He said that Allen didn’t have a weapon of any kind and he didn’t realize the seriousness of his actions.

Judge Donnelly after listening to the Attorney still didn’t seem to believe anyone could be that dumb. He asked the Defendant to explain what happened in his owns words. Allen did, he ended his story.

“I thought she would think I wasn’t afraid of anything if she saw me go for a gun. I thought when we got outside the cops would let me go. I didn’t know they could arrest me even if I didn’t have a gun.”

Judge Donnelly then asked Sean if I had any objection to the plea or sentence. He was just about the only judge in Brooklyn who would ask.

“No, I  think he us just really stupid. I don’t think he understood what could have happened. Plus we took him down pretty hard when we thought he had a gun.”

Now Judge Donnelly turned to the Defendant and he looked pissed. He told Allen that he was extremely lucky that he had two veteran Police Officer’s arrive on the scene last night.

“If it had been different Officer’s they might not have acted with such incredible restraint. Instead of standing before me you could be laying on a slab in the morgue. I will accept this plea but if I ever see you in front of me again you will get the maximum for whatever you get convicted of. I will do that to take you off the streets for your own safety. Now apologize the Officer and thank him for not shooting you.”

Sean hurried upstairs to sign out. If he could make it back to the precinct before twelve he would be able to work the midnight tour.



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The Great New York DJ’s   3 comments

microphoneI have seen a lot about when Cousin Brucie will be on XM radio. That got me thinking of all the other DJ’s we used to listen to. Not that I am putting Cousin Brucie down. He is one of the great DJ’s of all time. I just don’t think we should forget all the others that we used to listen to. They did help shape our taste in music.

So lets start this off with  the words of another of the all time greats “Murray the K and the swinging soiree with a blast from the past an old goldie for you.” do I hear an “Ah, Bey.”

Okay now that This meeting of the Swingin’ Soiree is now in session let us remember all of those DJ’s. Anyone who listened to  the radio in NYC in the 50’s and 60’s remembers those words. Murray the K was a giant in the industry he along with Cousin Bruce Morrow (We will all always be his cousins) and Alan Freed helped make Rock and Roll what it was. What station was your choice? Was it the WINS winners, WMCA Good Guys or “Music Radio” WABC. We all had our favorite back then on the AM dial.

They were not the only ones. How many of these other DJ’s names bring back special memories. Were you with your first love or just hanging out with your friends listening to them. Who

remembers “Big’ Dan Ingram and his satirical wit, Ron Lundy  “Hello, Love–this is Ron Lundy from the Greatest City in the World”, Herb Oscar Anderson “The Morning Mayor”, Scott Muni and his”Scotland’s Yard” , Harry Harrison Our mid day “Good Guy”, Joe O’Brien and “Benny”,Jack Spector who when a woman called and asked him why he was working on Yom KIppur he told her he wasn’t live it was on tape and  Garry Stevens and his “Wooleyburger”. There were so many of them if your favorite isn’t here tell me who it was. If he is here and you have a special memory you can add that too. They didn’t just play the music they talked and joked with us. They felt like family and we all lost something as each station turned to talk radio. I guess I shouldn’t say we lost them. Some of them may no longer be on the air or walking this earth but they will never be gone as long as they are still with us in our hearts.

So “Cousins” that is all for today. Put on some old 45’s and remember.

Standing Ovation   4 comments

JTrainBob and Mike left the Supreme Court Building after their Grand Jury appearance. They decided to grab lunch before heading back to the Eight-three. In the diner they ran into Denny he had just left Criminal Court and made the same decision. He had been there for an arraignment on a Driving Under the Influence D.A.T.

A D.A.T. was a Desk Appearance Ticket. The cops called them Disappearance Tickets because the accused rarely showed up for the arraignment. If there were a hundred scheduled to appear ninety-seven would have bench warrants issued. He joined them for lunch. It was nice to eat at a different place occasionally. In the Eight-three there were only  a few clean places and it got monotonous.

After lunch they decided to take the train back rather than the bus. They hadn’t brought their cars because the parking rates in downtown Brooklyn were insane. They were in no hurry to get back and the subway was a good way to waste time.

It was decided to take the J train to Dekalb Ave, and walk to the station house from Broadway. They were on the train with about ten other passengers in the car. The people were glad to have them there; it should have meant an uneventful ride. It was mostly quiet but they did manage to see a show.

At the Marcy Avenue Station a mook came on with his nuclear powered boom box. The damn thing was about three foot long. He had the volume way up. Denny yelled to him to turn it off. The skell couldn’t hear him. Denny walked over and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Turn that damn thing off.”

The skell turned it off and Denny walked back to Bob and Mike. A few minutes later the radio was back on, blasting away. Denny walked over and turned it off himself.

“Look asshole, don’t turn it back on. You’re annoying me and I don’t want to hear it again.”

Sure as hell the radio came back on louder than ever within minutes. Denny turned and the skell smiled at him. That did it. Denny grabbed the radio and threw it out the window as the train reached Flushing Avenue. When the radio hit the platform it shattered. It tumbled along with the car for a while, pieces flying off in all directions

Denny turned on the skell his face as red as a beet. He was pissed.

“One damn word asshole and I’ll throw you between the damn cars.”

When the doors opened he grabbed the skell by the hair and kicked him in the ass right out the door. The people in the car gave him a standing ovation. He bowed to them as he exited onto the platform at Dekalb Ave.

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My Cousin Johnny   7 comments

Coney Island Guys Yesterday I learned of the death of my cousin Johnny Nelson. Growing up Johnny and two of his brothers were always around. Just about every major and minor event of my childhood had at least one of the three there with me. Johnny was the last of them to go. The three Nelsons are in the psted picture along with my brother Buddy and myself. I am in the front middle and my brother Buddy is front left.

Driving is Richie but back then everyone knew him as Herman. He was the youngest and the first to leave us. He was a true hippy. Not a mean bone in his body. His quick wit always had us laughing. He was the funniest person I have ever known.  I still smile when I think of him and laugh when telling stories about him. He was my aide when I played Jacque DeStrap WW1 French fighter pilot in Billy’s epic “The Blue Fink”. He played the title role in Hermales Unchained a takeoff of Steve Reeves Hercules movies.

Sitting high in the back left is Billy Nelson. Billy was an artist. He was extremely talented in so many ways. His imagination knew no bounds. I really believe had he had a few breaks it might have been Billy Nelson right up there along with Lucas and Spielberg. They might have learned a lot from him. It is a shame he never got those breaks. The world was cheated of genius. He was our writer, producer and often star.

Next to Billy is Johnny, he was our elder statesman. He was the one who kept us from getting too crazy. We needed that and he did it with humor. We always had a lot of fun. I can’t think of Johnny without thinking of all our trips to Bull Mine in upstate New York. Going by bus in the early times and carrying all our stuff for miles from the bus stop all the way up the mountain. Later on by car which got us halfway up that mountain. The monster movie we made up there. We spent so much time creating that makeup. When we got there due to a slight error in the shades on Johnny’s Frankenstein face it had to be made into a comedy. His makeup which looked so good in a dimly lit room changed completely in sunlight. There was Johnny trying to act scary when he looked liked the gayest Frankenstein of all time. We joked and had a great time filming. Unfortunately all of those films have been lost to time.  But they still make me laugh.

Johnny you are gone now. I have been thinking of you. Say hello to Billy and Herman for me. Enjoy making some good films up there but save a few good parts for me.

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          I saw a commercial for Disneyworld today. I see a lot of them down here in Florida. That got me thinking of the places we used to go to from the Hook. The trips to Rye Beach were a big part of our lives back then. Rye Playland is just  across Long Island Sound from Glen Cove. I remember it seemed like it was so far away back then. I only went there on bus trips or boat rides. I went at least once a year right through High School. Sometimes it was twice.

Those bus trips seemed to take forever because we were so excited to be going. There would singing and laughing all the way. Somebody would always start “100 bottles of beer on the wall”. It would start with everyone singing loudly but by the time it got down to 70 bottles of beer there would be only three or four still singing. I never have heard that song finish. You can all thank me for putting that song in your head where it will stay all day.

The bus rides were good but the boat rides were the best. The excitement would build as we crowded onto the pier waiting to get on board. When the boat pulled away the magic started. Someone would always bring a hook and some fishing line and throw it over to drag behind us. In all the years I went I think I saw two fish get on the line. Someone else would spot a sand shark and everyone would run to the side to see it. I remember going under the East River bridges, that seemed so amazing back then.

There would be dancing on the way north. For some reason the Limbo stick in my head. Some guy would always bring a guitar. He would play and sing and the girls would crowd around him. Unfortunately the only musical instrument I could play was the radio.

We would finally arrive at Rye Beach. I can still see the dock in my mind. Everyone would run from the boat trying to beat the crowd to their favorite ride. We all had our favorites for some it was the Dragon Coaster others the Tilt-A-Whirl or Carousel. Mine was the Wild Mouse, at every sharp turn it felt like your car would go flying off. Everyone liked the fun house there. Remember the Magic Carpet the big slide, you would have to get a small rug and climb all those stairs to slide down. There was the giant spinner everyone would sit down and it would start spinning faster and faster. Each time the speed went up more slid off. Everyone wanted to be the last one to slide off.

They were great times. Now I wish I had brought a camera and taken pictures but at the time I guess I felt it would always be like that. Those times that would go on forever ended much too soon.

Before I stop I will mention a few other parks we went to. First of course has to be Coney Island the first great amusement park. It was the cheapest and easiest to get to. It has changed a lot but is still there and I hope it will be around for a long time yet. If you ever get a chance to ride the Cyclone sit in the front car and look at the safety bar. On my first  roller coaster ride at eight years old I think I permanently imprinted my hands onto the steel.

Next is one of the parks that have gone to the great play ground in the sky. Rockaway Playland was a sort of Coney Island lite. Not as crowded but better waves on the beach. No Boogie boards back then but a lot of body surfing.

Remember Palisades Park, Freddie Cannon did.

Freedomland, a sort of Disney Land in the Bronx. I don’t know who thought that would work. It only lasted five years. He should have built it in Brooklyn. It might still be there.

Well that’s it for today, let me know what memories you have from back then. The bus and boat trips or what rides or parks have memories that still make your heart light. Remember we are now down to 95 bottles of bear on the wall.

The Dark House   2 comments


Kevin001I was away on the gulf side of Florida for a week and haven’t written. I am back now so here I go again. Today’s story has some truth and some fiction. I forgot what corner the house with the black widows was on but it did exist. If anyone remembers the place let me know where it was. Now here is today’s story.

Sean and Harry had a rookie riding along on a midnight tour. The rookies name was John. He was tall, thin and rookie stupid. Unfortunately he would not acknowledge that. He had gone through the academy at the top of his class and believed he had nothing more to learn. He felt his mission was to teach the veteran cops.

Halfway through the tour Sean and Harry were trying to decide which of them should strangle the smug, obnoxious know-it-all. They were fast losing hope that they could get him to understand he had a lot to learn before he got himself or somebody else badly hurt.

Harry was trying to explain to John how he had screwed up on their last call. That he should just listen and keep his mouth shut on the next call. If he did that he might learn something. It was like talking to a wall.

Central called just in time as Harry’s frustration was growing fast and his patience wearing thin. The call was for a suspicious person in back of a house on Knickerbocker Ave. Sean groaned as he listened to Central give the details. They were to meet Mr. Carluda reference a male loitering behind his home.

“John-King enroute.” Sean answered.

“10-04 John-King.”

“Henry-Ida backing up.” Followed almost immediately.

“10-04 Henry-Ida”

On the way to the scene Sean briefed Mike about the house and its occupants.

“Mike, this is a very strange house. Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open. On this call do exactly as I say or I will kick your ass when we are done. Do you understand me.?”

“What’s so strange here?”

“When we pull up we wait for Henry-Ida before we go in. The place is known as the Dark House or Vampire House. It has three apartments, one on each floor but only one group lives in the building. We don’t know if they are a family or a cult or what, but there are a lot of them and they are all weird. All the windows are painted black. The occupants usually only come out at night. When they do come out during the day they wear long black coats, gloves and wide brimmed hats. They act like they are vampires, so do what I tell you to do.”

“Oh come on, do you really think they are vampires?”

“It doesn’t matter what we think. It’s what they think. If they cut your throat to drink you blood, who cares if they are vampires or crazy?”

As they pulled up to the scene Gerry and Bob in sector Henry-Ida were just getting out of their car. After checking the outside of the building they went up the stoop to the front of the building. Mr. Carluda opened the door as they approached.

“Officers, did you see them?”

“No, no one was there. Where did you see him?”

“Come in and I’ll show you.”

Carluda led them to an open back window and pointed to the location where he saw the man.”

The four cops could feel an oddness to the home. There was no electricity, the room was lit with candles. They could hear the other occupants scurrying around in the floors above them. The walls themselves felt alive. They seemed to vibrate and hum of their own accord.

Carluda noticed them looking around and said, “We have rats in the walls, sometimes they come out to try to eat our bees.”

“What bees?” Harry asked.

“We have hives in the attic. We keep them for the honey and make our candles with the wax.”

With that Mr. Carluda led them to the front door. Sean told him they will search the area and give the house special attention for the rest of the night. Carluda thanked him and they left.

When they hit the street Sean went up and down the block looking in doorways and behind cars.

Harry yelled “What the hell are you looking for?”

“I figured we must be in the Twilight Zone. I am looking for Rod Serling.”

Back in the car Harry turned to Mike, “Vampire Beekeepers, even Stephen King never thought of that one. They are crazy as hell but so far harmless. The next time they may not be. Tonight was very strange tomorrow could be very dangerous. They didn’t teach you about that in the academy did they?”


“That’s why you have to keep an open mind. We all have things to learn every day. Now let’s get the hell away from here.”

Sean called in the disposition, “83 John-King to Central Suspicious person 10-96 Gone on Arrival. Resuming patrol.

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