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Visitation schoolToday I would like us all to step into our wayback machines and ride along with Mr. Peabody and Sherman. We will hopefully remember what it felt like as summer came to an end and Visitation opened for a new school year.

Summers back then felt so long but when they ended the end was sudden. It felt like one day we were rolling our bathing suits into our towels with a Brooklyn roll to go to the pool. If not the pool then it was a baseball or softball game. Maybe handball or riding our bikes to the far side of the city. Remember riding to Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island, with a little help from the ferry. Carpet gun wars down at the Alamo, now just memories.

Long summer nights playing outside while our parents and grandparents sat in front of the building. The streets still wet from the Johnny Pump opened during the day. The Mr. Softee Truck coming down the street, its music a siren song to us preteens. It seemed that summer was a magical time that would last forever.

Then Labor Day came and summer slammed shut with an almost audible bang. Time to forget the bathing suits it was now new blue pants, white shirt and blue tie. The girls had plaid skirts, make sure they came below the knee. Don’t reach for your bat and glove. Now it was pens, pencils, school bags and books. Our forever summer had been so short

Walking to school the first day, the older kids telling us how our new teacher had killed a kid last year. Always a kid we didn’t know. Seeing classmates we hadn’t seen since June. Finding our new lines in front of the school when the first bell rang. Realizing we had moved up a place in the hierarchy of grades. Soon Mrs. Smithers would be coming into class wearing one of her outrageous hats saying how we were her favorite class ever. Don’t forget that little cross at the top of the page with J-M-J around it.

So started another school year, the freedom of summer traded for 10 months of class. At the time it did not seem like a fair trade. Soon fall and winter would bring their own things to look forward to. Halloween would be upon us. Then Christmas with the school plays and that spiral staircase. Going to Bonacore’s (sp) for a Christmas tree and Skinny Andy’s for decorations. Those days were fast approaching but on that first day of school they seemed so far away.

The second bell has rung and it is time to go. I can’t say anymore the Principal is looking at me


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  1. Thanks for this great memory of going back to school…to Visitation School. You brought back wonderful memories, Kevin…thank you! Another great writing job!

    Kathy Murray Olson
    • Thank you Kathy. I will miss the reunion this year. I like to go early and just walk around the hook before the reunion. There are many memories there. If you go walk around a bit for me.

  2. That brought back great memories…

    Paulette visconti
  3. I remember these days! Sometimes I would love to go back just for a day or two. Thanks!!

  4. Great story Kevin i really liked it.

  5. Kevin,you’ve done it again! I always dreaded Labor Day ,because I knew it brought an end to all those wonderful things you mentioned. I’m dorry I won’t see yo at the reunion this year. Keep up the great writing,the Nuns would be so proud!!!!

  6. KEVIN: Excellent essay. I think Mrs. Smitthers would have given you an A-. Not an A+. Remember she never gave anyone an A+. She was always able to find a grammar or punctuation error. hahahahahahha Will “Wildeyes”

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