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Old 83 Station HouseToday I just wanted to write a little about the “Stop and Frisk” controversy in New York. I saw the woman who oversees the program in Philadelphia is offering advice to the city. That sounds pretty good until you realize that Philadelphia’s homicide rate is three times New York’s. Maybe it should be the other way around.

Luckily New York has Judge Shira Scheindlin, who despite never having worked a minute as a cop knows more than the entire Police Department about Police work. She has appointed someone to oversee the program who also has no idea what he is doing. I love how these things work.

I saw where Judge Scheindlin said the over use of the program was one of the problems she saw that needed to be corrected. Over the last fifteen years there have been 4,400,000 stops. Now that is a lot of stops. Obviously all the cops in the city must be spending all their time harassing people.

They should only be allowed to stop one person a month. There are about 35,000 cops in New York City.  If each cop stops one person a month that means 35,000 stops each month, easy right? That means only 420,000 stops per year. See how it works? Over the last 15 years they should have only stopped 6,300,000 rather than 4,400,000. Oh, NEVER MIND.

Just think if the judge has her way New York City can return to the way it was in the 70’s and 80’s. The City can again take the homicide rate title away from Chicago. Then Judge Scheindlin can look at the extra one or two thousand dead in the street, mostly minorities and proudly say “I did that.”


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  1. she has been Anti Cop for years add this to her collection of complaints someone must have towed he car from the court PK

  2. I received this in an e-mail and am reposting as requested.


    I tried to post a comment on your blog but was unable. Perhaps you can add my comment for me.


    The very instant that I read that 250s would be mandatory thereby inferring there would be a monthly quota for patrol cops, I knew a horror story would follow.

    250s entail legal requirements and mandatory quotas entail ignoring those requirements. I was wrong in that I thought there would be an avalanche of legal actions long before this.

    I remember that “way back when” it was rare to prepare a 250 and most of the time the only instance we prepared one was in connection with an actual arrest.

    Once again I am terribly mad at the PBA for not taking a strong stand against 250 quotas. They should have stepped up and told the membership to remember the legal requirement for a “stop, question & frisk“, thereby telling the membership to ignore any quota requirements and to report any such action to the PBA for public information.

    Now the patrol force is faced with the result of such quotas. I would certainly implore the PBA to advise the patrol force to simply ignore any request to wear a camera. They already wear too much equipment.

    Those cargo pants are ridiculous. I have no idea of how they pursue anyone over the age of 6 and wrestle with them when the situation arises. Does anyone really care about the personal safely of those on patrol? You don’t need to carry your lunch with you or any other unnecessary garbage. We did it before these pants were instituted and got along just fine.

    I continue to pray for the safety of my brothers and sisters on the front lines. May God watch over you.

    Will Sekzer
    Former PBA Delegate
    81 Pct.

  3. if they stop this people will start dying again. just like the dinkin days

    • The dead bodies will pile up like the seventies and then they can complain that the cops are racist because they are doing nothing to stop it. If you do you are racist if you don’t you are racist. Better to do nothing at least then they can’t sue or arrest you.

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