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Brooklyn Bridge 1This is something a bit different. I am thinking of doing something on the last High School summer. This is just a short story that came to me. It is not even a very good short story but it seems like it might be something that could fit into a decent story. Let me know if you think it has any promise. Anyway here it is. By the way the picture is of me on the Brooklyn Bridge around 1967. 

          It was the summer of 1967. The summer of love but for the Nite Owls it was also the last summer vacation from High school. In September they would start their senior year. After this summer it would be time to start growing up, but they still had this one summer left.

The Nite Owls had their base in Ronny’s parent’s basement. It had an outside entrance, it was theirs to use and use it they did. The Nite Owls were not a fighting gang although there was the incident with Parasol and his boys which we won’t get into. They were not a criminal gang except for just a few burglaries and they were minor. There was also the time they blew the roof off the park house with a homemade bomb but the less said about that the better. They are stories for another time.

Today the guys were in the basement. Ronny had talked to the girls from Queens and they said that they were having a party at Josephine’s parent’s apartment. Her parents were away for the weekend so they would have the place to themselves.  Ken and Herman were working at doing boiler work at Mike’s Marine in Elizabeth, NJ and were due there at any minute. The rest of the guys were trying to decide which girl each wanted. They had been talking to the girls for almost a year since they met them on a prank call. The two groups had actually never met in person.

Jerry and Joe were arguing over Carol when Ken and Herman came in. As they came through the door Ken yelled, “Herman pulled a Herman today.”

Ronny said, “What did he do now?”

“Mike dropped us off at the tubes straight from the ship. So we take the tubes to Manhattan and we are waiting for train to Brooklyn covered in all the shit from the boilers. Three women, high class bitches are giving us dirty looks like we shouldn’t even be allowed on the train. So fuckin Herman starts throwing them kisses. One pulled up her nose and said Thrash. Worst thing she could have done. Herman grabs his crotch and starts dancing towards them singing “Come on ladies get a treat I got fifteen pounds of swinging meat.”

The whole gang started laughing picturing Herman all five foot ten inches and one hundred ten pounds dancing in the subway. Herman’s left leg didn’t weigh fifteen pounds. When the laughter died down the gang told Ken and Herman about going to meet the girls.

Ken said, “I’m not going. Three times we went to meet them and they never showed up. What makes you think they will be there this time?”

Joe said, “They gave us an address we won’t be waiting in the street for them. Look I wrote it down.”

“That’s not even in Queens. That’s a Brooklyn address.”

“Josephine is the only one who lives in Brooklyn.”

“You assholes go if you want. Call me if they show up.”

“Okay, you’ll see. They want us to bring some stuff to drink. They have some wine and a case of beer.”

“Okay let’s go see Nelson.”

They came through the Bodega’s door yelling, “Hello Nelson.”

They got a big “Hello Boys” back.

They were only fifteen and sixteen years old but could get whatever they wanted at Nelson’s. He asked if they wanted tequila. None had ever had any so Nelson gave each a shot to decide. A bottle of tequila, two of rum and three cases of beer left with them.

Back at the basement the supplies were broken up and packed in backpacks. Joe, Herman, Jerry and Sal loaded up and started for Ronny’s car.

Ken said, “Roger and I will be at my house. If they show up call me.”

As they were leaving Ronny said, “I can’t go.”

Jerry said, “What? Why not? You have the only car.”

“I can’t, I’m going steady with Mary.”

“Are going to see Mary tonight?

“Then why can’t you go?”

“It wouldn’t be right.”

“Can you at least drive us there?”

“No, Mary wouldn’t like that.”

Ronny had scruples. The rest of them didn’t even want to know how to spell scruples. The four left, they would take the bus and the Myrtle Ave El to Harman St.

Ken and Roger were playing cards at and laughing about the others riding around Brooklyn when the phone rang. I was Joe.

“We’re here the girls are here.”

“Bullshit. If you’re with them put them on.” Ken said.

“Okay,” Joe said and Carol came on line.

“Hello where are you guys?”

“We are on the way,”

Ken and Roger ran to Nelson’s for another case of beer. Two six packs in each back pack and they were out the door. On to Ronny’s basement. Ronny was playing pool when they came through the door.

“The girls are there you have to go.” Ken said.

“I can’t you know that.”

“If you don’t at least run us up to the Myrtle Ave El I am going go outside and beat the hell out of you car with a basball bat.

“Come on that’s bullshit .”

“Get your keys.”
Ronny dropped them off outside Josephine’s place and kept going.

They ran upstairs, inside the party was going full blast. Within a half hour Ken and Josephine had paired up. They knew that this was real a love affair that would last a lifetime.

Almost, it lasted about 2 hours. The lights were off, all were drunk. Ken and Josephine were rolling around in a dark corner her bra was among the missing.

Josephine got up to go to the bathroom. Ken closed his eyes and leaned back drowsing. A few minutes later he felt her next to him he turned and kissed her in the dark. They were making out for a few minutes when he heard angry screaming. The lights came on and standing there was very pissed off Josephine. Diane was lying next to him. He tried to explain but Josephine would not listen. The party was over and everyone was thrown out. It was a long ride home on the El and the bus. Everyone was pissed at Ken for ruining the party.


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  1. I was in Korea almost all of ’67. I had my times like that earlier!
  2. Those were the days we were really just learning what true love was,nice piece!

  3. sweet …..did you change the names to protect the innocent???

    Susan (aka Susie)
  4. Loved it! Want to read more…

    • Thank you. I have been thinking of writing something about the last summerof High School. Between the junior and seior years. After that summer things change. I also want to bring in the friends of our youth. We have many friends later in life some very close but it seems the friends of our youth always hold a special place in our hearts.

  5. That was fun to read. Brings me back in time. Thanks for the memories.

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