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The boxcar episode   9 comments

Boxcar This is a fictional story therefore anyone who says it really happened must be misremembering. Anyone who worked in the Eight-three back in the seventies knows that none of us would have ever actually done this in real life, heavens no. OK, now that that is out of the way here is the story.
Sean and Harry had just left the station house and were driving to get some coffee when as they passed the corner of Myrtle and Green. There they saw a drunk in the street yelling up to a second floor apartment. Coffee would have to wait awhile. They radioed Central and told them they had a pick up job. Gave the dispatcher the info, where they were and what was going on.
When they stopped and questioned the man a woman opened a second floor window and yelled down that he was her ex-boyfriend. He had been harassing her for over a year. It seemed pretty straight forward no physical violence, just a drunk. Harry and Sean talked to him awhile joked around a bit and got him to leave, easy job.
They got their coffee and parked but before their first sip central was calling. The drunk was back and yelling louder than ever. With a sigh Sean advised Central they would handle it and responded back. This time he was just hustled into the car and driven to his apartment about two miles away.

Sean said “Just go inside and sleep it off. Everything will be better in the morning.”

He begged, “Please make her take me back. I love her and I know she loves me.”

“Look do not to go back there, she doesn’t love you. She hates you and I am starting to see why. Go inside and sleep it off.”

There were only two cars available in the precinct that night so they did not want to waste any more time than they had to with him. They hoped it would be over now.
The night returned to normal they finished their coffee and answered a couple of jobs. Then Central called, he was back again. Now it was after one and they were pretty sick of him. They pulled up and threw him into the car without a word. They drove to Queens and threw him out of the car in Forest Park. He had been dropped off over 5 miles away. They went back to answering normal midnight calls.
About 0300 Central called he was back again.

Sean told Harry, “Well we have to admit, he is one persistent little bastard. But they had finally had it with him. They threw him back in the car and this time drove to the train yards in sector George. There they tossed him into an empty box car and put a nail through the hasp so he could not get out. He was told to get some sleep, they would stop by and get him in the morning. With him out of the way they worked the rest of an uneventful night. When the sun came up around seven they went back to let him out. The box car was not there. Not wanting to spend an hour checking them all they asked one of the workers where that box car was. He advised that it had left for Georgia at about 5:30. It may not have been the Midnight Train to Georgia but it was close enough for government work. They never saw or heard from him again. Sean hoped he liked the south.
The boxcar graphic came from this blog. Check it out he has some good photos there.


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A good way to live   2 comments

skellieI wanted to write something today about growing up in Red Hook. As I was trying to decide what to write I remembered someone in Pennsylvania where I lived for twenty years saying how it must have been rough growing up in a big impersonal city. How much better it was to grow up in a small town. He told me this on a hot summer day. He felt summers must have been terrible stuck in the city. He had no idea what he was talking about.
Outside people do not understand Red Hook or the people who lived there. It was more of a small town in many ways than that tiny town in PA. Our parents grew up together and our grandparents knew each other when they were young. There were no strangers down in the Point. Any street we went down we all knew who lived there.
There were differences from that small town of course. We never needed our parents to drive us to a friend’s house. Our friends were within walking distance. We didn’t need to arrange for a game of baseball, football, softball or anything else a few days in advance to get enough kids together. In the Hook if you walked down to the fields with a glove, bat and ball the odds were real good you would soon be in a game.
We could spend the day on the block with street games that today’s kids don’t understand. If you can’t play it with a joystick they aren’t interested. Who remembers Skellie; Kick the can, Kings, Knuckles, Stickball, Handball, Points? As an aside as I was looking for a graphic for this blog I came upon a site selling a stencil to use to draw a skellie board on the sidewalk. You can buy one with instructions for the game for only $250. All we needed was a piece of chalk.
Remember the open Johnny pumps on a hot summer day. The teenagers directing the water around using a can with the top and bottom removed. The younger kids running and laughing in the cool spray. It was the Brooklyn equivalent of the old swimming hole.
Our parents sitting in lawn chairs in front of home passing the time together. We didn’t have air conditioning back then so everyone met on the street. That is how we lived back then. It wasn’t perfect, we weren’t rich but it was a good way to live. I would love to go back for a while, now that I have grown smart enough to appreciate it.

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