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Henry & Me1After roll call Lieutenant Johnson called Harry and I over and asked if we would try to serve some bench warrants. The normal warrant men were tied up with court, so the C.O. wanted one car on each tour to attempt to serve warrants if we had the manpower for it.
We jumped at it, Bench Warrants are great. You go out hunting, make the collar and you never have to go to court. To paraphrase an old obscene saying it’s “Find em, frisk em, cuff em, forget em.” So it was off to the warrant office to grab a handful. We turned out in an unmarked car which is also good.
Our first target was on Covert Street. He failed to appear on his hearing date for a Felony Assault. He had stabbed his friend because his friend laughed at him for cheating in a game of solitaire.
As we pulled up we saw a man walking out of the house that matched our description. We came up behind him, he didn’t even know we were there until we grabbed him.
I said “Darryl Johnson, we have a warrant for your arrest.”
“I’m not Darryl Johnson.”
“What’s your name then?”
“Your first name?”
“Are you trying to tell me your name is Smith Jones?”
“Yeah, Smith Jones.”
“Let me see some ID.”
“I don’t have any.”
“Check your wallet for ID.”
“I don’t have a wallet.”
“I can see it in your back pocket. Take it out.”
“It’s not mine.”
“Whose wallet is it then?”
“I don’t know.”
“Take it out and let’s see who’s wallet you have Mr. Smith Jones.”
He took out his wallet. “Open it and take out the Driver’s License.”
He did and handed it to me. I looked at the license and said.
“Holy Shit, What a coincidence this wallet belongs to Darryl Johnson and he looks exactly like you. Mr. Smith Jones you have a long lost twin brother.”
“It’s me.”
We cuffed Mr. Smith Jones and after filling out a few papers dropped him off. We were back on the street in less than an hour. Bench warrants are easy.
Scott Chubalka was the next target on the list. This asshole had failed to appear for a DWI. There was an accident involved and a few people were badly hurt luckily nobody died.
We saw that he had skipped out of the apartment he had been living in. Since we knew he wasn’t working and was afraid to give welfare a new address we decided to stop at his mother’s home. We knocked on the door and asked if Scott was there. His Mom said he was sleeping. Son of a bitch, this is too easy. It’s almost no fun when they just fall in front of you on the first try.
We went to the bedroom and there he was. He heard us in the hall. He was standing on the bed wearing only his yellow stained, skid marked jockeys. It was a terrible sight. He was about six foot tall and an easy three hundred and eighty pounds. He didn’t have a lot of muscle. He actually looked a bit like the Pillsbury dough boy. So much fat it looked like he didn’t even have bones, just rolls of bouncing pasty flab. Scott stood up there in his tighty whiteys which although exceedingly tighty were not very whitey. He attempted to intimidate Harry and me with his display of fat and streaked underwear. It was disgusting and comical but not very intimidating.
I told him “Get dressed Scott, You’re under arrest.”
“I am not under arrest .You’re not arresting me, I’m not going to jail.”
“Get dressed or we will drag you out like you are.”
“No, I’m not under arrest. I’m not going to jail. You can’t make me go.” He said spitting and slobbering.
Now it was my turn. I held up the warrant.
“This is a Bench Warrant. A Bench Warrant is a Court Order. It is not a court suggestion. You are under arrest. You are coming with us. You are going to jail. The only questions are will we be stopping at the hospital on the way to the jail for stitches and will you be wearing pants as we take you out or will you go in your dirty drawers?”
“You can’t do that.”
“We can and we will. We will drag your fat ass out of here through the street to our car in your drawers. I will take you to the hospital to get stitched up. Then you will still go to jail. It will just hurt a lot more.”
He decided to put his pants on and walk out unmarked. It was a wise decision, one of the very few that asshole had ever made in his life.


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VisitationSpring is here and it got me thinking of the Visitation Bazaar. I remember waiting for the school bell to ring and watching them put up the booths and rides. The excitement knowing that it would soon be done, but not soon enough.
It was like Christmas but instead of all the presents out on Christmas morning. We would have to watch one present a day be put out for weeks and we couldn’t touch them until the gates opened.
When the bazaar officially open we would get a half day of school. That morning no matter how hard they tried the nuns could teach us nothing. We watched the clock and planned what we would do when the bell rang.
When we walked through that gate it was magic. I can close my eyes and see the place to this day. The Ferris Wheel towering over us as we walked through the gates. The whip was to the right, the merry-go-round to the left. I can feel the oiled gravel beneath my feet. To the left by the convent was the food stand. hamburgers, hot dogs, cotton candy and chow mien on a bun. I can still smell it.
My father spinning the wheel at the dice booth to the left of the gate. Father Maroney walking around keeping all the kids in check. I remember seeing the nuns on the rides laughing and smiling almost like people. To us the nuns back then weren’t people, they were nuns. It was good to see another side of them.
It was a different world back then. The kids today would never be as excited as we were over something so small. They want Disney World we were satisfied with so little. We didn’t have much so we were so easy to please. I don’t know if any of us realized how little we had, or how much. I’m glad I was a kid back then. My memories are of small intimate joys not huge commercial impersonal ones. All those laughing around us were friends and family not strangers.
I think next time I will write about Rye Beach Boat rides.

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court  This is a small scene from the book I am writing. Now remember this is a novel, it is fiction. So if you remember days like this in court it is a coincidence.  Let me know if you enjoy it.


I had gone to court with Gerry and Denny. Gerry had a gun collar and Denny another burglar. I told them the story of the night’s chase. I think they thought I had been exaggerating until we ran into the Nine-Oh cop.

          There were dozens of cases held over from the night before when we  signed into court at eight. So we completed our Criminal Complaints and went for breakfast at a local diner. The place was crowded with cops awaiting  None of us were worried about our case being called before breakfast. Arraignment Court was scheduled to start at nine but it rarely did. The judge would normally not come out before ten. He would then break for lunch around eleven. His lunch would run till around one or one-thirty. Court would adjourn for the day around four or so. It’s good to be the judge.

When we went for arraignment if it was a quiet night and there were no holdovers from the day before we could get out by two P.M.. There were few quiet nights and rarely no holdovers. We expected we would be there until at least nine or ten that night.

After breakfast we went to the waiting room. There we broke out the lawn chairs we would sleep in. You could always tell the more active cops. We would always show up with our lawn chairs, pillows, alarm clocks and coolers. Those who rarely made collars would end up sitting on the hard backed chairs or sleeping on the floor.

About seven PM we got called and told to get our prisoners to the holding area behind the court room. The three of us got our prisoners to the area, known as the bull pen. We did this without ever going into the public hallways of the court house. There are back stairs and halls that are used only by cops and Court Officers for prisoner movement.

We would have another hour or so to wait in the court room. The Legal Aid Lawyers would be interviewing the perps and deciding what they would plead guilty to. Then they would be brought out, take the plea and be sentenced. That is how it worked Ninety-eight percent of the time. The sentence in most cases would be time served or a fine. First time Armed Robbery with a knife. He would plead to Attempted Petit Larceny and get time served maybe a five hundred dollar fine with time to pay. He of course would never pay and a warrant would be issued.

The third or fourth case called was a dwarf. He was in for a Felony Assault Two he broke a bottle over the head of a man in a bar who asked him for directions to OZ. We were laughing about the case when the judge sentenced him. He had pled guilty to harassment and was given a two hundred dollar fine. Judge Donnelley asked the Defendant if he had the money on him or if he needed time to pay. Before he could answer Denny put his head down and in a loud voice said.

“I’ll need time your honor. I’m a little short today.”

The court room lost it, even the judge was laughing. The dwarf spun around with fists up. He was ready to the kick the ass of whoever said it. That got the whole court room going again. Arraignment court was much more casual and fun than a trial part.

A few cases later a hooker was brought out. She was a platinum blonde black girl. She was wearing a bright purple tube top, gold lame hot pants and high heeled go-go boots. She came out looking like an extra in a porn movie. She pled not guilty and her legal aid lawyer requested a hearing. We all looked at each other. Is he crazy? She looked like a hooker from central casting.

The hearing began. The Arresting Officer testified. It had been a sting and she had agreed to sex with him for ten dollars. The  consensus in the court was that she wasn’t worth half that. Now the defense attorney addressed the court.

“Your Honor, My client thought they were inviting her to a party. When they mentioned the ten dollars she thought that was the price they had paid for the ticket. She would never have gone with them if she knew they planned to take advantage of her. Look at her your honor, an innocent young girl. Does she look like she would ever agree to such an arrangement?”

By now the whole court room is crying we are laughing so hard. The judge wiped the tears from his eyes and pronounced the Defendant Not Guilty. He then told the Defense Attorney.

“You earned that one Mr. Burroughs, now that it’s been done don’t do it again.”

We applauded the Defense Attorney as he walked to the door. The lawyer turned gave a sweeping bow to the courtroom and exited. Judge Donnelley just shook his head.

“Bring out the next act.”

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