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henry-me1Today’s blog is about the differences between TV cops and real life. First thing I want to know where they get their bullets. Three shots into a car and it explodes. When they shoot someone the person flies back like they were hit with a truck. Now if the bullet hits the bad guy with that much force why aren’t the cops thrown back from the recoil. I think Mr. Newton might have something to say about that.

Another thing the hero cop gets shot in the shoulder. They must have big shoulders. They are always getting shot there. What I want to know is who is their doctor. They take the bullet out and the hero doesn’t miss a day. He has a bandage for a couple of hours and he is healed.

They must have the same doctor for their fights because their cuts and bruises heal and are gone in twenty minutes at most. They also have knockdown drag out fights that last for a minutes both sides taking many punches to the face and body but when the fights over no one is ever tired. When I have been in those type fights. They were shorter and I was exhausted when they were done and the black and blues stayed for days.

They also do stupid things. The hero and his partner are looking for the suspect. They see him across the street. He doesn’t see them so they yell over to him and advise they are the police. The way I remember it we would try to grab him before he knew we were there. And CSI, I know forensics has advanced a lot since I was on the job but not that much. I mean The CSI tech searches a cheap motel room and finds a hair that doesn’t belong to the victim. He announces it like it’s a big deal. Hell some of the cheap motel crime scenes I have been at I wouldn’t have been surprised if they found hair from a yeti. They also find semen on the sheets and give each other knowing looks. Hell if they shine that light on the ceiling they will probably find semen there too. They could run DNA and find three hundred different strands there including a hobbit.

Anyway that’s enough for now. I will go into some of the other stupid stuff some other time.


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6 responses to “Reel life vs Real life

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  1. You just made me laugh!!!

    Karen (Lolly Cox) Slusser
  2. You are dead on. TV land and reality is so different.

  3. Hi- a former Red Hooker here from 54 Wolcott Street- my son is a NYC Policeman in Harlem- and he does NOT like the tv Police shows- cause they are so stupid, unreal and a laugh to him- thank you for talking about Police TV

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