Cops and nurses   1 comment

Cops and nurses

Why is it that cops and nurses get along so well? Maybe it is the truly horrible things they must deal with everyday.  The death and sorrow they must witness.  They are the ones who get down in the muck and mire of life. Who deal with the blood and shit and tears. They are the ones who work on the holidays. They are the ones who miss their kids birthdays and sporting events. They are the ones who can’t explain to those in the real world what they see. To each other there is no need to explain. They know.  Most doctors and administrators show the nurses very little respect and act like the nurses are merely laborers like servants.  If you spend a lot of time in hospitals you will soon learn that most of the true work is done by the nurses.  The doctors prescribe but the nurses are the ones who do the healing. They are the ones answering the bell at night to relieve the pain. It is the same with cops when crime goes down the politicians are all there to take the credit although they have done nothing to deserve it. They are sitting in their offices patting each other on the back while the cops are out on the street doing the dirty work. The city’s politicians which include most but not quite all of the Police Department’s big bosses have no loyalty or respect for the cops on the street. Like most of the doctors and hospital administrators have no respect for the nurses.  The nurses of Wyckoff and the cops of the 83 in the Seventies knew what each side did and they respected each other even if no one else did.  So they tended to stick together as friends who understood each other.


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  1. Great stuff – I know a bunch of nurses and they seem to have a similar sense of humor as the cops. You are spot on with the similarities. My wifes a doctor but she has caught enough shit for being female that she always respects the nurses because she knows that they truly run all the important shit at the hospital.

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